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You MUST be a graduate or ex student 18 years of age or older to register.

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Grads from the New Millenium, Nineties, Eighties, and Sixties and Seventies

Applewood Alumni

Grads From the New Millenium

Grads from the New Millenium, Nineties, Eighties,and Sixties and Seventies.

Student Name
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Grad Year

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Laura Cynthia Chambers
grad 06 Wrote music and book reviews for but am now seeking employment through a job search program. I'm also active on and Twitter. Diagnosed with epilepsy in June '10 but haven't had a seizure since Jan 28, 2011. Writing lyrics and hoping someday to get some on CDs. Still unsure exactly what direction I'll take in life but determined to follow Christ. Proverbs 31:30 is my life verse.
Mark Byers
grad 06 I am currently studying History and Business Administration at L'Université d' Ottawa. I am playing football there, and our team is heading to the Mitchell bowl this weekend.
Sidra Mahmood
grad 06 You'll find me at the University of Toronto pursuing my undergrad in Political Science, Environmental Science, and Gender studies. I'm also long-distance bike touring when I have the time and dedicating myself to co-operative community activism. According to Paul Simon, I'm still playing my guitar, lyin' underneath the stars...
Susan Dehdari
grad 06 got into Waterloo's engineering but decided to go to Animation!!!!
Karen Clarke
grad 05 Currently studying Engineering Science and U of T (St. George Campus)
Dinesh Sivanandanayagam
grad 04 Currently studying Information Technology Support Services (2 year course) at Sheridan College (Davis Campus).
Nada Semaan
grad 04 Mississauga, Currently studying dental assisting at George Brown, The City College, in Downtown Toronto, Casa Loma Campus.
Nikola (Nik) Dragisic
grad 04 Living in Mississauga. Currently attending University of Toronto, St. George Campus, working towards my honours B.Sc
Sara Leung
grad 04 Currently in the Arts and Business Co-op program, majoring in Speech Communications at University of Waterloo.
Ashley Daniels
grad 03 I am currently studying Court and Tribunal Agent and Humber North Campus. Graduated 2003
Chris Price
grad 03
Christine Tzelkos
grad 03
icegirl_00@hotmail.comStudying Criminology at Carleton University and then transfering to U of T next year.
Daniel Blank
grad 03
George Nimer
grad 03 Chemical engineering at U of T
Jason (Jay) Wilson
grad 03 Currently I am studying Fitness, Nutrition and Health Promotion at Humber College.
Jay Wilson
grad 03 I am currently at Humber College in the Fitness and Health Promotion program.
Jenna Adleman
grad 03
Tammy Checanis Latanville
grad 03
Anoopdeep Johal
grad 02
Hadeer El-Hindawi
grad 02 I am currently attending Concordia University doing a Specialization in Cellular and Molecular Biology.
Joshua Long
grad 02 Currently in History and Great Books/Liberal Studies at Brock University and am soon to finish phase one of plan to dominate world. Any Applewoodians going by St. Catherines/ Niagara area, drop me an email and I'll buy you a drink. MSN is
Mark Ghaznavavi
grad 02 At Humber College taking marketing and i'm gonnagraduate in April '06.
Raymond Pham
grad 02 I obtained my B.Eng. in Computer Engineering at Ryerson
University in 2006, and my M.A.Sc. in Electrical and Computer Engineering
at Ryerson in May 2008. I will be pursuing my Ph.D. in September 2008 in
Electrical and Computer Engineering, again at Ryerson. Plan is to go into
teaching and R & D. I'm currently working as a research assistant for
IMAX Corporation on developing image processing and computer vision
techniques to hasten the 2D-35mm to 3D-70mm IMAX and DMR movie conversion
Sabeen Khalid
grad 02 At University Of Waterloo for a Bachelor of Mathematics majoring in Actuarial Science
Stephenie (King) Blasko
grad 02 In 2006 I graduated from Humber College with a three-year Diploma in Public Relations. ÊI married my husband, Christopher, in 2007. I live in Toronto and I work for a mutual fund company as an eMarketing Specialist with a focus on content development.
Alisa Baijnauth
grad 01 Studied at University of Toronto Commerce and Finance.
Aun Abid
grad 01 I am currently in Halifax, at Mount Saint Vincent University. doing my first year of BBA and a combined major in World
Lynn Covey
grad 01
Neha Batra
grad 01
Noel Reid
grad 01 I have been in the Army for the last 2.5 years, serving with the Lord Strathconas Horse Royal Canadians. I am currently the gunner on the Leopard C2 main battle tank. I have been all across Canada, training, fighting forest fires and doing a lot of other things. I am living in Edmonton now, where I will be for at least the next 3 years, unless I get deployed over seas.
Svetlana (Sveta) Melnichuk
grad 01 I got my BSc Hon. from York University in 2005 in Physics (Space and Communication Science). I then got my MASc from University of Toronto in Civil Engineering (Building Science). I worked for a civil engineering and consulting company Halsall Associates from 2006 to 2008. Now I am self-employed and live in Toronto.
Svetlana Melnichuk
grad 01 I got my BSc from York University and now I am a MASc candidate at University of Toronto. I now live in Toronto. I am currently working on computer simulations in building science and trying to put together an online environmentalist community.
Tiffany Doorbal
grad 01 I'm currently attending the University of Western Ontario for Administrative and Commercial Studies.
Samantha Hanson
grad 00? Moved schools in Dec of the year 2000. Parts Consultant, TCI Inc.
Adrian Baijnauth

grad 00
Ahmad Ferouz

grad 00 I am currently attending McMaster University in the Computer Engineering and Management Program.
Ahsan Mirza

grad 00 Currently studying Political Science at Carleton University
Alex Wong
grad 00
Allen Tram
grad 00
Amanda Torgis
grad 00 currently in 3rd year at the University of Waterloo
Amardeep Girn

grad 00
Amy Wong

grad 00
Andrea Solarski
grad 00 or I am presently at the University of Windsor
Annie Wang

grad 00
Ashley Bakker

grad 00
Aysha Kadri

grad 00
Azhar Abbas

grad 00
Bilal Jaffery

grad 00 I graduated from University of Toronto's Management and IT Program and am currently working as Business Development Manager for an IT firm in Markham.
Boris Delchev

grad 00
Brian Suffolk

grad 00
Cameron McKendry

grad 00
Carrie Ng

grad 00
Christopher Cheung

grad 00
Davy Chan

grad 00
Debbie Chan

grad 00
Diana Gonzalez

grad 00
Dilraj Singh Sandhu
grad 00 Currently at the University of Western Ontario doing Honours Economics, with aspirations to apply to law school and become a practicing lawyer.
Eryn Arnett

grad 00
Faisal Shahid

grad 00
Gavin Bakker

grad 00
Hossam Mohyeldin

grad 00
Ian Lam

grad 00
Janani Viswanathan

grad 00
Janani Viswanathan

grad 00
Jarrod Peacock

grad 00
Jeff Pura

grad 00
Jennifer Kim

grad 00 gone toSt Thomas S.S.
Jennifer Raykha
grad 00
Jennifer Raykha

grad 00
Jennifer Tomaszczyk

grad 00
Karen Vineberg
grad 00 or
Karen Yip

grad 00
Katie Moddle

grad 00
Kevin Montgomery

grad 00
Kevin Yeung

grad 00
Latife Sladounova
grad 00
Lily Pham

grad 00

babyblue_jtlp@ or
Marianne Sajatovich

grad 00 or
Mark Hawthorne
grad 00
Meeta Rathod

grad 00
Melanie Atkins

grad 00
Mike Markoulakis

grad 00
Minli Xuan

grad 00
Nadia Hasan

grad 00
Natalie Cheung

grad 00
Neelam Arora
grad 00
Nima Mehregani

grad 00
Owen Chang

grad 00
Peter Huang

grad 00
Phillip Luong

grad 00
Radha Narayan
grad 00
Radha Narayan

grad 00   
Rathika Sitsabaiesan

grad 00
Raymond Yip

grad 00 
Renee Rambarran
grad 00
Richa Sood
grad 00 Currently working in NYC as a customer facing account executive selling IT to corporate customers.
Richard Khan
grad 00
Richie Bachle
grad 00
 jj67ml@hotmail.comi was there long enought to be remembered and i'll be remembered for a long time!! applewood will be a common name on many american's mouth in 2 years, don't tink i forget where i come from!
Rosemarie Combdon

grad 00
Ruchi Sood

grad 00 I am at York University.
Ryan Bridgman

grad 00
Ryan Li
grad 00
Saad Ahmed

grad 00
Sareena Khatkur
grad 00
Serguei Kabanov

grad 00 or I'vegraduated from Humber College-Civil Engineering Technology Program (with honours). I was very lucky to get an engineering job right away. Right now, I am working with an engineering consulting firm - UMA - in Mississauga. I am still in the Canadian Forces and was recently promoted to
Master Corporal..
Shamit Tailor

grad 00
Sharmeen Khursigara

grad 00
Shehnaz Toorawa

grad 00
Simon Wong

grad 00
Simona Olteanu

grad 00
Sinh Huynh
grad 00 I am currently working as a Financial Representative.
Spencer Lee

grad 00
Stephen Price

grad 00 and
Sukhi Pathansaly
grad 00
Sylvia Ly

grad 00
Tania Wong

grad 00
Theresa Cheng

grad 00
Umair Ali 

grad 00  A proud Applewoodgrad of 2000!
Uzma Khan

grad 00

story_of_a_girl_3000@hotmail.comI am currently in my 3rd year at Ryerson University taking Information Technology Management.
Valerie Lay

grad 00 or I am currently in the second year compressed Bachelor of Science in Nursing program at Trent University, and looking forward to coming back to Mississauga to nurse all you guys back to health in about a year! Look out!! :)
Vanessa Skembaris

grad 00
Vincci Wong

grad 00
Vukica Djuric
grad 00
 vdjuric@fes.uwaterloo.caI am currently at the University of Waterloo studying Urban and Regional Planning and minoring in political science
Zahida Haleem
grad 00

Grads From the Nineties

Grads from the New Millenium, Nineties, Eighties,and Sixties and Seventies

Student Name
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WWW Homepage)

Grad Year

 Send Email

Ann Ho 
grad 99
Jennifer Wilson 
grad 99 currently taking Business Admin at Sheridan
Adam Barwell
grad 99
Amanda Somerville
grad 99
Amir Khataan
grad 99
Amrita Maharajh
grad 99
Amy Yeung
grad 99 Working Towards my Human Resource Management Certificate, Occupation as a Recruiter
Andre Manga
grad 99
Ashti-Leah Rampersad
grad 99
Atchuthan Kandiah
grad 99
Ayjai Gurpersaud
grad 99
Bilal Pirzada
grad 99 or
Billal Qureshi
grad 99
Cavan Yie
grad 99
Charles Chan
grad 99 
Chester Hsieh
grad 99
Christine Skembaris
grad 99
Damanjit Gi ll
grad 99
Daniel Tse
grad 99
Darren Ramnarine 
grad 99
Darryl Callender
grad 99
David Burt
grad 99 I just finished my first year at humber college and have moved on to sheridan college's advanced telecommunications tech. course. i was taken the networking course at humber.
David Fisher
grad 99
David Meyers
grad 99
Denesh Maharajh
grad 99 My hometown is Mississauga live in Brampton now. Completed my Hon B.A from University of Toronto and Currently working At Home Depot as a Regional Environmental, Health and Safety Manager for Supply Chain Distribution.
Dimitri Markoulakis
grad 99
Elizabeth Wong
grad 99
Elizabeth Wong
grad 99
Enrica Leung
grad 99
Faraz Noor 
grad 99
Hilda Shirdel
grad 99
Ian Lam
grad 99
grad 99
Isaque Nunes
grad 99
isaque.nunes@hamiltonkent.comCurrently live in Milton On. I have a son 5 and daughter 1. Graduated from Humber College with Mechanical Engineering technologist diploma. Currently a Tooling Development Supervisor for company that manufactures rubber gaskets for concrete and pipe.
Jason Yen 
grad 99
Jennifer Wilson
grad 99
jennifwilson19@hotmail.comwork at AstraZeneca Canada Inc. working on BSc thorugh Athabasca University
John McGlashan
grad 99
John Vincent
grad 99 
Julia Antipa
grad 99
Karampal Gill
grad 99
Kerri Kelly
grad 99 Igraduated from Wilfrid Laurier University in 2003, with an honours psychology and sociology degree. I am just entering the Bachelor of Edcuation program at Lakehead University.
Kevin Bourne
grad 99 I graduated from York University in 2007 with a BA in political science. I currently live in Ottawa. I worked in Parliament for a while and now co-founded a media company. Married with two boys. Facebook: kevinrbourne Twitter @kevinrbourne
Liliana daSilva
grad 99
Lillian Li
grad 99
Malika Bedi
grad 99
Marise Wahby
grad 99
Marise Wahby
grad 99
Martin Zatowkaniuk
grad 99
Menaha Yogathasan
grad 99
Michelle Boodhoo
grad 99
Michelle Varanelli
grad 99
michellevaranelli@hotmail.comgraduated from western with honors language and literature currently at OISE high school English teacher
Mike Dogan
grad 99
Nalini Sitsabaiesan
grad 99
Nancy Salichuk
grad 99
Nandini Mulliah
grad 99
Nimmi Kalra
grad 99 or I graduated from York University in 2004 with a B.A. degree in Honours Anthropology. I then continued on to Teacher's College and graduated from the education program at D'Youville College in Buffalo, NY. I am currently a Primary/Junior teacher with French qualifications, employed by the York Region District School Board.
Osman Beidoun
grad 99
Peggy Law
grad 99
Ravi Baichan
grad 99 currently 2nd year apprentiship automotive mechanic
Richard Kim
grad 99 
Sabrina Andersen
grad 99 
Samanatha Mahabir
grad 99
Sarah Grice
grad 99
Sarvjeet Ubhi
grad 99
Shannon Fitzpatrick
grad 99
Shannon O'Neill
grad 99
Shannon O'Neill
grad 99
Sharon Clouse
grad 99
Shoreh Ghetmiri
grad 99 or
Somanjit Liddar
grad 99 I went to Applewood from 94' to 99', I, then, attended U of T (Erindale Campus)... I'm currently working with Scotiabank (since 98').
Stanley Sy
grad 99
Sunny Wahi
grad 99
Sylvia Lai
grad 99 
Vanessa Ramsahai
grad 99
Walter Chang
grad 99 Graduate from U of T in 2004 with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Math. Currently working as a software engineer in the Information Technology field. Very involved in dragonboating during my university days. Love to travel and see the world. Still living in Mississauga.
Walter Chang
grad 99
Yianni Karras
grad 99
Young Rae Kim
grad 99 I started engineering at Waterloo, graduated with a Psychology degree, and currently studying at OISE to become a J/I teacher.
Zain Yusuf
grad 99
Zareen Jaunbocus
grad 99
Adnan Shaikh Zaheer
grad 98
Danny Markovic
grad 98
Kent Wong
grad 98
Kim Thomson
grad 98
Lindsay McKendry
grad 98
Adam Barwell
grad 98
Amy Lancelotte
grad 98
Amy Yip
grad 98
Andy Hilson
grad 98
Ashley Smith
grad 98 I am living in Vancouver British Columbia and working as a Respiratory Therapist at Vancouver General Hospital. I went to The Michener Institue to obtain my diploma in respiratory therapy. And I have recently gone back to school to complete my Bsc
Benita Hsueh 
grad 98
Blair Goodhand
grad 98 Western University
Chris Pendl
grad 98
Christine Dzus
grad 98
David Clarke
grad 98
 gcsu_c8@hotmail.comgraduated with Honours BA in Political Science from York University (with a year at the University of Amsterdam). Currently a loans officer/investment advisor with TD Canada Trust in Clarkson.
David Clarkson grad 98 Studied on again off again for some years at York University. Finally completed a bachelors in Classics, whereupon I moved to Denmark, spent 6 years working as a substitute teacher (of which one year was at Hørsholm International school, which AHSS had an exchange program with), and am now reeducating to become an electrician.
Derek Mills
grad 98
Devin Sahadeo
grad 98 attending University of Toronto
Donny Doan
grad 98
Eileen Lin
grad 98 I'm currently working at OMNI Television as a Traffic Coordinator in the Traffic Department.
Elize Shirdel
grad 98
Eric LeBrun
grad 98
Faizan Shaikh Zaheer
grad 98
Janelle Carter
grad 98
Jesselle Romero
grad 98 I continued to travel the world.. and after switching from program to program I'm finally finishinhg my RN Degree and have a Job waiting for me in San Francsico, California.
Julie Sheremeto
grad 98 York University
Kai-Lii Veer
grad 98
 estoeh@yahoo.comUniversity of Toronto
Kai-Lii Veer
grad 98
Kathryn Arbic
grad 98 In 2000 I became a Registered Veterinary Technician and have been at University of Guelph working on a BSc and trying to get into Vet School. This year I will start at the Ontario Veterinary College and graduate in 2009.
Keely Duncan
grad 98
Keith Stephen
grad 98 Igraduated from the University of Waterloo with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Environmental Engineering. I now work for an environmental engineering consulting firm in Markham (MacViro Consultants Inc.) I mostly specialize in remediating contaminated sites, including: soils, surface water, and groundwater.
Kellie Harrigan
grad 98 currently at Wilfrid Laurier University
Kellie Harrigan
grad 98 Igraduated from Wilfrid Laurier University with an Honours English Degree; went to the University of Toronto for Teacher's College and am currently working at Meadowvale Secondary School as a full-time English Teacher. I am getting married in the summer of 2005, and my married name will be Cressman.
Kimberly Thomson
grad 98 Igraduated from the University of Guelph with a B.A. in Fine Arts, and I have recently moved to Quebec City to work for the Literary and Historical Society of Quebec.
Lindsay McKendry
grad 98
Michelle Chan
grad 98
Moon Hong 
grad 98
Najam Mirza 
grad 98
Omme Rahemtullah
grad 98 Graduated from the University of Toronto in International Development Studies. Currently working at Canada World Youth (a youth organization that facilitates cultural exchanges overseas). Starting grad school (Migration Studies ) in Sept 2006.
Patty Topolinsky
grad 98
Rachna Juneja
grad 98 currently completing interdisciplinary Masters in CS, Law and Mgmt at Dalhousie University
Rajeev Badve
grad 98
Robin Persaud
grad 98
Rohit Jagota
grad 98 Co-owner of Nature's Source Vitamins
Scott Selkirk
grad 98
Sheila Pigeon (ne Howard)
grad 98
Sonia Tailor
grad 98 Graduated from Ryerson Hospitality and Tourism with a BComm. Currently working for an educational student travel company in Toronto.
Stephanie Chan
grad 98
Trevor Rodie
grad 98
rodie@hotmail.comCompleted my Honours B.Sc. in Geographic Information Systems (2002) from Trent University ˆ Sir Sandford Fleming College, then Bachelor of Education (2003) from Queen‚s. Currently teaching Geography and Computers at North Peel Secondary School in Brampton. Married my „high school sweetheart‰, Katie Moddle, on July 17, 2004. We currently live in Mississauga and she also teaches in Brampton. I‚d love to hear from any of you, especially those I haven‚t heard from for a long time!
Trisha Seth
grad 98
Veda Kunthasami
grad 98 working for BCE EMERGIS in their Client Management Group
William PAU
grad 98
William Pau
grad 98
Wade O'Neil Wilson
grad 97
Amanda McCormick
grad 97
Amy O'Connell (Baker)
grad 97 After finishing my master's degree in Speech Language Pathology at Western, I moved to Hamilton where I have been working as a Speech Language Pathologist of the past three years. Getting married in August 2006!
Andrew Munk
grad 97
andmunn@sympatico.caAftergraduating from U of T, with an HBA in Economics, I got married, and had a wonderful baby girl (Alex). Right now, I work, pursuing my MBA part time, I work for RBC Investments in there Financial Planning divison
Anmol Sidhu
grad 97 Chiropractor in Mississauga
Atiya Burney
grad 97 I completed a Honours BA in Psychology at York University and a diploma in Social Service Worker-Gerontology at Sheridan College. I am married with two sons and work with seniors at a nursing facility.
Azfar A. Karimuddin
grad 97 I finished my MBA in 2002 and currently enrolled at Rotman, U of Toronto for my Executive MBA. I am working as a Senior Vice President Ð Head of IT Operations & Special Projects at Summit Bank Limited.
Bick Nguyen
grad 97
Carissa Dodd (formerly Eickmeier)
grad 97 I have been working with RBC Life Insurance since 2000. In Sept 2003, Mike and I were pleased to announce the birth of our son Owen.
Carrie Murphy (now Lehigh)
grad 97 Married in 1999, Currently on maternity leave with the birth of my second little girl.  Kaylee (3 yrs old) and Keirsten (5 months). Lovin' every minute of them!
Christina Hertrich
grad 97
Eric Liao
grad 97
Evelyn Yu
grad 97 Worked at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD for 2 years doing drug and alcohol rehab. Now completing my MSW at Laurier. Its so cool to read up on what some of you guys are doing!
Fayaz Suleman
grad 97
 sule9300@mach1.wlu.caWilfridLaurier University
Gaganpreet (Gagan) Dhillon
grad 97
 gdhillon@chat.carleton.caCarleton University.
Heather Boyd
grad 97
 hboyd@hotmail.comAftergraduating from Wifrid Laurier University, with a degree in psychology, I completed the Educational Assistant program at Sheridan college. From there, I moved to Lake Louise, Alberta and then to Windsor where Igraduated from teacher's college. I am now living and working in Calgary and planning on moving to England to teach in the fall. I can't wait!!!
Jason Chang
grad 97
Jennifer Ursitti (formerly Mongru)
grad 97 After graduating high school, I went to Sheridan College where I graduated with a diploma in Early Childhood Education, than I went on to George Brown College in 2000 and graduated in 2002 with a diploma in Human Resources Management.

In July of 2005, I got married to my husband, Tony, and we had a beautiful baby girl, named Alessia, who was born in December 2007. We plan on expanding our family and enjoying everyday as it comes! If you remember me, please contact me on my e-mail or facebook.

Kamran Jafri
grad 97
 kjafri@undergrad.math.uwaterloo .ca
Katherine Forse
grad 97   YAY WESTERN!
Katie Reedie
grad 97
Kechia Allen
grad 97
kechiaa@hotmail.comgraduated from Canadian University College. in Lacombe Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Behavioral Science in April 2004. I am living and working in Alberta.
Kelley Huff
grad 97 University of Guelph
Kelly Cheddesingh
grad 97 I am currently working at Nestle ice cream, and am looking forward to getting married to my highschool sweetheart (Rohit Jagota) on Sept 22/07.
Ken Bhucher
grad 97
Kristin Nodwell
grad 97
Kwok Wai Chan
grad 97
Lachmi Singh
grad 97 I did my BA in Political Science at University of Toronto. Completed my LLB and PHD at the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom. I continue to live there I am a professor of law at the University of West of England, Bristol.
Lily Pirker (ne Komnenovic)
grad 97 After leaving Applewood I went to Ryerson University, majored in Telecommunications Co-op Program, and graduated with a B.Com in Information Technology Management. Currently, I am working at Bell Canada as a Project Manager and living in Burlington with my husband Mike. It is really great to see all the Alumni registered on the site….any plans for a reunion?   
Lindsay Crockatt
grad 97
Maria Paraschos
grad 97 or
Marko Zatowkaniuk
grad 97 Finished a B.C.S., B.A., and an L.L.B. in Ottawa. Moved from Ottawa to Toronto in summer of 2006 to work with downtown law firm.
Melissa Yen
grad 97 Aftergraduating from U of T with a Hon. BSc (Specialist Biology, Major Psychology) I taught English for two years in Japan, on the JET Programme. Currently, I am living in Australia (near Sydney) and completing agraduate Diploma of Education. In a couple of months, I'll be able to teach High School Chem. and Bio.!  
Michael Hamilton
grad 97 Michael Hamilton BSBM, Enrollment Counselor University of Phoenix |Axia College of University of Phoenix | West Florida Campus Campus Center, 12802 Tampa Oaks Blvd, Suite #200 | Temple Terrace, FL 33637
Michael Stuart
grad 97
Michelle Carrothers (Malawi)
grad 97 or themalawifamily@rogers.comAfter finishing up at Sheridan College in the Marketing Management program, the next natural step was for me to get married to my long time love Andy Malawi. In Dec 2001 we had a baby girl (named Layla) and in October 2004 we had our second child (who we named Joshua). We are all doing very well and are just in the process of moving to our new house in Milton. I am currently a very happy full time mother, who once had a great job in the logistics industry, and hope to return once my kids are a little older.
Minh Vo
grad 97
Mona Litt
grad 97
Nadia Baichan
grad 97
Naweed Raza
grad 97
naweedraza@hotmail.comI have completed a double major in biology and economics at U of T, and am a senior medical student at McMaster U.
Neera Sitsabaiesan
grad 97
Ninder Thind
grad 97 ;Sheridan College
Omar Khalifa
grad 97 Currently I am living in Calgary, Alberta working as an Electrical Engineer for Emerson Process Management. I graduated from Lakehead University with a degree in Electrical Engineering (2006) and from Sheridan College with a diploma in Electronics Engineering Technology (2000). Plus I am also happily married since August 2005.
Pavi Kundhal
grad 97 I have completed a degree in economics at U of T, and I am currently enrolled in my first year of Medicine at U of T. I plan to pursue a PhD in Health economics after my MD and hope to consult in the area of health policy.
Raymond Lim
grad 97
Roger Quero
grad 97
Sabrina Andersen
grad 97
 Sabrina.Andersen@Bankofamerica. com
Sabrina Andersen (Lawrence)
grad 97 Got married in December 2002 and now have a 2.5 year old daughter Sage. Currently living in the Windsor, ON area. Left a successful career doing marketing for the I.T. industry and hope to return once Sage is in school!
Sanjeev Gosain
grad 97
 sanj_gosain@yahoo.comGraduated from Waterloo in 2002, travelled for a couple of months, started working at a small consulting company. Left that for a larger Consulting company based out of Boston with a Canadian office. Spent almost a year consulting in sunny San Diego.. still there.. but back and forth often.
Sarah Jablonski
grad 97
Shannon Fitzpatrick
grad 97
 fitzpatrickshannon@hotmail.comGraduated Centennial for developemental services worker andgraduated from ryerson university for disability studies. prime caseworker for persons with developemental disabilities at salvation army group homes.
Stacey Lui
grad 97
Stephanie Kalt
grad 97 I completed my BA from the U of Ottawa in 2002 and received a MASc from Ryerson University in 2004. I now live in Ottawa and hold a position as an environmental audit professional in the Office of the Auditor General of Canada.
Stephanie Toffolo
grad 97
Tarek El-Hennawy
grad 97 I graduated with a B.Comm from U of T in 2001. While post graduate studies remain a possibility, I have been working as a Public Servant for the Government of Canada since 2002; first in Ottawa with PWGSC and now back in Toronto with Industry Canada. I was married in 2000 and have 2 little monkeys - I mean sons.
Terrence Sairsingh
grad 97
Tonia Kyriazis
grad 97
Willie Taylor
grad 97
Addae Jones
grad 96 & Obtained Honours B.Sc in Biology & Biochemistry in June 00'. Right now in the process of moving to Florida... Right now taking time off before going tograd school, hope to obtain a Ph.D in Cell and Molecular Biology, and
work on Cancer research
Amar Sheth
grad 96 Graduated Applewood in ’96, then onto the academic halls of U of T. Graduated with a B.Comm in 2001. Heading up the Business Development efforts at a technology start up. Have been traveling all over the world – from Asia to Africa to Central America! If you remember me, please contact me. I’d love to get in touch with you.
Andrew Weeks
grad 96 Since Applewood i've been married and divorced. Currently I work for Telus Mobility and have a young son (Aidan Weeks born Dec. 17, 2006) who I devote all my spare time with.
Anna Li
grad 96 I am currently living and working in Tokyo.
Chris Western
grad 96
Davin Doobay
grad 96 and/or I work for Procter & Gamble these days and I'm a bilingual contact (French/English) in their Product Supply Division.
Dorian Logan
grad 96
 mc_plank@hotmail.comI'm working at a well repected talent agency, where i've recently began developing my own roster. I live downtown, i own a dog. I protest George W. Bush. I hope all is well with al of you.
Elissa Grey
grad 96
Ellen Hoang
grad 96
Erick Feldman
grad 96 Still living in Mississauga
Farah Kamal
grad 96 Investment Rep at TD Waterhouse (Dec '99)
Fetbi Irsat
grad 96
Garreth MacRae
grad 96 After Applewood, I completed an undergrad at U of T, an MBA at Western and now I live in Toronto and work in finance for BMO Capital Markets. I also raise Monkeys and have written several books on the letter Q.
George Lin
grad 96 I went on to study Electrical Engineering at McMaster University. I received my B.S. degree in 2000, and then went on to The University of California at San Diego forgraduate study also in Electrical Engineering. I received my M.S. degree this past June, and I've started working at the San Diego division of Nokia Mobile Phones
Jaime Wong
grad 96
Jasdeep Girn
grad 96 currently working as a Physiotherapist in Mississauga
Jason Yie
grad 96
John O'Connor
grad 96
Kal Damak
grad 96
Karen Michelle Bourne
grad 96 I graduated Sheridan again in 2003 in Visual Display and Design. I currently work in a marketing company setting up Shopper's Drug Marts, merchandising make-up such as Maybelline, L'oreal and the list goes on. I Still reside in Mississauga (with my parents, booooo!).
Kari Kennedy
grad 96
Kim Ly
grad 96 Economics degree from UWO. Worked in the financial field ever since.Happily married, permanent home is in beautiful Vancouver.
I own a mattress factory and in the process of opening another business.Still keeping in touch with a few of you, but would love to get news from anyone.
Krishna Arora
grad 96 Photographer, Photographic artist, Sculptor, Writer
Lena Wan
grad 96 I'llgraduate from Ryerson's journalism program in Junegrad 00
Mike Milone
grad 96
Monica Chopra
grad 96
Murali Thavarajah
grad 96 Computer programmer in Mississauga
Nicole Thompson (Ransom)
grad 96
Nicole Thompson (nee Ransom)
grad 96
Robyn Wilson
grad 96 After a few years in Toronto at York University, I fled to Vancouver to study Acting at Studio 58, graduated in 2002, and since have been
travelling, working and paying off my student loans as Assistant Entertainment Director with Princess Cruises. In January of 2006 I'm
moving to Australia for a year, and beyond that...who knows? I hope you're all happy, healthy and well.
Rory Nicol
grad 96 Working as a wilderness guide. Living in Vancouver for the time being.
Rosita B. Laljie
grad 96 or
Samir Kapoor
grad 96 I graduated with a B.Eng from Ryerson University in 2001. I worked as a software developer with IBM for over 12 years. Currently I am working as a Sr. Database Administrator / Architect at Honda .
Sara Moore
grad 96   Aftergraduating I spent one year at York University.  I then took a year off school to work.  After computer programming at Humber College, I am now working as a computer programmer for the Peel Board.
Seema Panchal
grad 96 Currently reside in Toronto and am a Genetic Counsellor at Mount Sinai Hospital
Shereena Robinson (Marsha Cummings)
grad 96 After leaving Applewood I studied Business Management at Ryerson University for 1 year. I then took a few years off and I attended Sheridan College in 1999. I completed a 2 year Business Human Resources Diploma and I am currently working in Human Resources as Team Leader for a background screening company. I also got married in September 2003 and completed my first cd recording with the church I attend in Mississauga - Kingdom Covenant Center (former Deeper life Christian Ministries). I still live in Mississauga.
Whitney Ewart
grad 96
Bob Grewal
grad 95?
abgrewal@science.watstar.uwa terloo.caor
Al Manchur
grad 95 or
Ali Qureshi
grad 95
Andrew McKendry
grad 95
Anuka Dey
grad 95
Benita Nand
grad 95

Hairstylist /barber Mississauga. Great years at applewood. Teachers and classmates were all awesome people and have kept in touch with quite a few.

Desarie Hope
grad 95 Intermediate Accountant. This is a great idea. I can now locate high school chums!
Desmond Hope
grad 95
Emma Ngo
grad 95
Emma Ngo
grad 95
emma_ngo@hotmail.comI finished a BSc. from UofT (1998) BA from Waterloo (2000) worked for a year and a half in Toronto and am currently finishing my Masters in Economics at Waterloo (2003) I still live in Mississauga, and look forward to hearing from my classmates.
Erin Walkden
grad 95 I went to Sheridan College for E.C.E and was running my own daycare for a while but now I am presently working for the Peel Board in Facilities Services. I would love to hear from some of my old classmates Miss you guys :-(
But remember the good times :-)
Harmeet Singh
grad 95
Irfaan Siddique
grad 95
Jennifer Scott Barnier (Scott)
grad 95 University of Toronto Music 1999, OISE/UT 2000. Teaching music and drama for TDSB since Sept.2000. Married with a young son and living in Etobicoke.
Jo-Ann Lunod
grad 95
jlunod@artsu2.watstar.uwaterloo .ca
Joanne Lagoudis
grad 95
lagoudij@netscape.netIgraduated from York University with a B.A. Hon. After that I received a J.D. from Thomas M. Cooley Law School in Michigan. I am currently a member of the New York Bar and working towards becoming a member of the Ontario Bar. I still live in Mississauga.
Joseph Bell
grad 95
Karen Barney
grad 95
Lily Yan
grad 95 yearbook editor 95!graduated from University of Waterloo and am working for Bombardier in Toronto
Marie Young
grad 95
 cmyoung21@hotmail.comI am the Sr. Administrative Assistant for a large agricultural company near London, ON.
Mark Le Brun
grad 95
Matthew Forrest
grad 95
mforrest@scs.ryerson.caIgraduated from Co-op Computer Science at Ryerson in 2000. I am now working as a System Administrator at Ryerson.
Maureen Bennett
grad 95
Meghdad Rahdar
grad 95
Melanie Caris
grad 95
Melinda Chi
grad 95
Nirja Srivastava
grad 95
Norberto Miclat
grad 95
Sarah (Shaw) Kuiack
grad 95 Igraduated from the University of Waterloo in 2001 with an Honours Degree in English Lit. I now live in Ottawa and work as a Writer/Editor with the gvt. I was recently married (Sept/04) on a schooner owned by Shey Clark's cruise company!
Sarah Elizabeth Shaw
grad 95 now living in Belfast, Northern
Ireland and am studying at the University of Ulster.
Shari Siu (nee Kim)
grad 95
Shey Clark
grad 95
 shey@greatlakesschooner.comgraduated from Ryerson Polytechnic University with a Bachelor of Commerce in Hospitality and Tourism Management. I currently live in Toronto and am a co-owner of a boat cruise company called Great Lakes Schooner Company.
Steve Costa
grad 95
Steven Lee
grad 95
Supinder Sandhar
grad 95
ssandhar23@hotmail.comTechnical Recruiter PROCOM
Tajinderjeet Saran
grad 95
tele_tubby@hotmail.comhigh school teacher in Brampton
Tracey Linklater
grad 95
 traceylinklater@hotmail.comgraduated from Laurier with a Kinesiology Degree and went to Western for teachers college. Currently teachinggrade six in London, Ontario. 
Tracy Bowers
grad 95
Victoria Caldwell
grad 95
chrisandvickie900@hotmail.comI went to Sheridan College for Chemical Engineering Technology-Environmental. For a few years I worked on a research project for Environment Canada then moved on to Siemens Canada where I currently work as an analyst in their Insulating Fluids laboratory.
Waqas Sheikh
grad 95 or
Abeed Bawa
grad 94 My present occupation isgraduate Student at Mercer University. And my present hometown is Macon, Georgia, USA
Adam Hickman
grad 94 or 
Ahmer A. Karimuddin
grad 94
 ahmerazhar@yahoo.comGraduated from U of T - Erindale in 1997 with a BSc in Chemistry. MD from U of Western Ontario. Now doing my residency in General Surgery at the University of Saskatchewan. Check me out when you're in the prairies. By the way, I'll be a married man by this time next year.
Ajitpal Mahal
grad 94 currently at T.D Bank in Scarbrough as a Data Control Officer,I've been with the bank for over a year now and plan to move up the ladder. Currently in Brampton.
Alkan Askim
grad 94
alaskim@rogers.comHons. B. Comm - Major in Marketing out of the University of Windsor. Have my own website business and and I am also working full time as a Market Analyst at ACNielsen. Still live around the city of Mississauga, just can't leave...the city is booming!
Angela Chang
grad 94
Benjamin Yu
grad 94 My hometown is still Mississauga but I currently work in the Aerospace and Military industry as a Manufacturing Engineering at Curtiss Wright Controls Embedded Computing in Kanata.
Bindu Dhaliwal
grad 94 or Presently at Queen's Law School
Colin Hwang
grad 94
Cory Rogers
grad 94 I attended Sheridan College for Art Fundementals and Classical Animation. I spent 3 years working for Ubisoft Entertainment making video games in Montreal and New York city.  I am presently working in Montreal on a CG feature film.
Dan Savage
grad 94
Divjot Khurana (Gill)
grad 94
Douglas Pedersen
grad 94
 doug.pedersen@peelsb.comI joined the teaching profession (1999) after doing Kin and Con-Ed at York University and am currently teaching Health & Physical Education at Gordon Graydon Memorial Secondary School here in Mississauga. I married Julie Chin in 2000 and we currently reside in Mississauga.
Edward Mills
grad 94

 emills@ccnm.eduSince Applewood I did alot of travelling and schooling along the way. Iam currently completing my second post-grad at the University of Oxfordand do some teaching and research in a medical college as well. Not badfor a fellow who failedgrade 10 science.

I Hope it wasn't ME who failed you! CR

Fouziah Ismail
grad 94
Gina Lijoi
grad 94
Hank Liao
grad 94
Henry Lee
grad 94 Sup my AhSS friends.I actually didntgraduate with you guys cuz I moved to Florida in the middle of 11thgrade, so i actuallygraduated in 93 (No OAC in the US). Anyways, Im a physical therapist (physiotherapist as Canadians like to say) in Tampa, Florida looking to join a boy band in Orlando to dethrone Backstreet and N'SYNC. Im itching for a change from the PT field so I just finished up my med pre-reqs and tore up the MCAT. The apps just went out last week. Wish me luck! Anyways, anyone who remembers me and is in the Florida area give me holler holler. We'll have a killer time. Be Blessed
Hitesh Chpra
grad 94
Jason Eyers
grad 94 Currently a firefighter in the city of Toronto.
Jeanette Teh
grad 94
jeanetteteh@yahoo.comI decided to postpone real life after completing an undergrad degree in Psychology and Sociology so I went on to do the law and MBA (combined) program at U of T. Finally, after lots of schooling and travelling, I am now a corporate lawyer in Toronto where I live and play. I would love to hear from old classmates, so please feel free to e-mail me! /(^_^)\
Joyce Tam
grad 94 I'm currently teachinggrade One in Peel and loving it. I completed a B.Sc at UofT double majoring in math and english, and received a B.Ed from Queen's University.
Julie Nguyen
grad 94
Ken Yee
grad 94 Hi folks, I hope everything has been grand since the AHSS days. As for me, Igraduated with a BComm from Ryerson in 1998 and from York, I got an MBA in 2002. Right now, I'm working at Philips Electronics in Markham as a Sales Support Manager.
Leena Sekhon
grad 94
Leigh Guarin
grad 94 Nashville, TN. Sr.Web Designer at Gibson Guitars, also starting my own design firm, EYEJAMMY (
Lisa Hogan
grad 94 or After graduating in 94 I played basketball and soccer at Humber College and graduated with a degree in Radio Broadcasting. I worked on-air an in marketing & promotions at several Toronto radio for 10 years and then moved to the country for a slower-paced life. I’m currently working for Bell Media at 3 radio stations in Lindsay and Peterborough. I’m married with two children and we live on a 100 acre farm in Little Britain. Life is good. Always willing to reconnect with friends from the past. Feel free to email me anytime.
Megan Brodie
grad 94
Michael Browell
grad 94 I reside in Toronto and am an apprentice on my way to becoming a Chef
Michael Lee
grad 94 Mississauga, U of T, B.Sc., Computer Science Occupation: Senior Quality Engineer, Siebel Systems Inc
Mirjana Relic, (formerly Mirjana Momirov)
grad 94 I attended York university andgraduated with B.A in Linguistics and Psychology. I am currently working at General Motors in the Collections Department. Hope to hear from you all soon! 
Morgan Ewart Storie
grad 94 I was an applewoodgrad in june 1994 - french immersion. my maiden name is Morgan Ewart and I am currently working at GE Capital in mortgage Insurance. I'm living with my husband Jeff up in Gerogetown. (131 Russell St. Gerogetown, ON L7G5Z2)
Natalie Panasiuk
grad 94
Natasha Mistry
grad 94 After graduating from University of Toronto in 1999 I traveled to Bonn, Germany to work with the United Nations Volunteer programme. Since 2003, I've been a development specialist working with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) in Albania. My work focuses on improving rural participatory governance. Am loving my job but truly missing home (Mississauga). I hope to return back to school next fall to pursue a Masters degree in Development or Public Administration. Would love to get in touch with other alumni.
Navjot Gill
grad 94
Nerissa Khan ne Rafman
grad 94 I Am still in Mississauga and am a Registered Dental Hygenist
Paul To
grad 94 Igraduated from the Ontario College of Art and Design majoring in Industrial Design. Later I started working in the film industry as a Conceptual Illustrator, working on big film productions such as Dreamworks and MGM. I joined the Directors Guild of Canada and I am now working as an Assistant Art Director on soon to be released films such as "Cinderella Man" and "Fever Pitch". I've also started a Graphic Art and Industry Design business called Artwars North, which is still in the works.
Paul Vavaroutsos
grad 94
Ranbir Dhillon
grad 94
Randeep Khurana
grad 94 Completed my H.B.Sc in Environmental Science and Geographical Information Systems at UofT. Presently, I'm a MBA candidate focusing my studies in the IT industry. I am also working at Bell Canada (Nexxia) as a computer network design engineer.
Remington Nevin
grad 94 I graduated the University of Toronto in 1998 with a B.Sc in Theoretical Physiology and Physics. I attended the Uniformed Services University School of Medicine, Bethesda, MD, graduating as a Captain in the US Army Medical Corps. After completing internship at Womack Army Medical Center, Ft. Bragg, NC, I earned an MPH from Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, Baltimore, MD and completed residency training in Preventive Medicine at Walter Reed Army Institute of Research. After completing overseas deployments in Djibouti and Afghanistan, I have focused on public health policy research, including military vaccine and antimalarial medication policy.
Rhonda Blanch
grad 94
Rhonda Blanch
grad 94
Rita Puglisi
grad 94  FilmMaker living in Toronto
Saima Haque (Haque-Khamis)
grad 94
Samuel Liu
grad 94
Sangeeta Chopra
grad 94
Sebastian Pieczynski 
grad 94 I got a Mechanical Engineering degree from Ryerson Polytechnic University and at the moment I am working as a Dimensional Management Engineer at DaimlerChrysler in Detroit, Michigan.
Sheryl Hibbins
grad 94
Simon Pong
grad 94
Sonya Aery
grad 94 After graduating from Applewood, I attended and graduated from Ryerson with a Bcom in Business Information Systems. Now I work at Bell Canada as a Data Quality Business Analyst.  
Soula Kokotinis
grad 94
Stephanie Beaton (Hastings)
grad 94
princessbeaton59@hotmail.comI have been working for the government as a enforcement officer since 1998, have two wonderful step sons and currently living in brampton. Just want to say Hi to all my highschool buddies and say miss you all. Hope to here from you guys soon.
Stephanie Hastings Beaton
grad 94 I have been working with the government for 5 years as a enforcement officer
Steve Manchur
grad 94
Stewart Wong
grad 94 I am currently a consultant at Sierra Systems Consultants and my hometown is Mississauga
Sue Bauman
grad 94
sueb@chatham-kent.caIgraduated from the University of Toronto and I am the Municipal Prosecutor for the Municipality of Chatham-Kent. I am living in London with my partner Dr. Wade Holst. He is a professor of Computer Science at Western.
Sue Bauman
grad 94 After four years of being in and out of rehab I am proud to say that I am now a productive member of my community. I am currently working as a crew trainer at the McDonalds in Dixie Mall. Come by and say "hi".
Sukhdeep Lovey Dhaliwal (Rehal)
grad 94
Sumanth Subramanian
grad 94 or Igraduated from the University of Western Ontario in Business Management and the University of Windsor in Marketing & Finance. I am currently living in Mississauga and work in Sales & Marketing at Supremex Inc.
Susan Chi
grad 94 Now living in Houston, TX. I am a general dentist, practicing dentistry
at Houston and teaching at University of Texas Dental School at Houston. In 6
months, I will start my specialty training in Endodontics at Columbia University.
Ya...I do enjoy schools!
Tina Lee
grad 94
 manle@nortelnetworks.comIgraduated from the University of Waterloo, and I went on to obtain a Chartered Accountant designation. I am currently working in the Global Tax Planning group at Nortel Networks in Brampton, ON.
Tricia Ridley
grad 94
Wael (Will) Channaa
grad 94
Zuhair Fancy
grad 94
Adele Halliday
grad 93
Ajitpal (Paul) Sandhu
grad 93
ajitpal_sandhu@hotmail.comLiving in White Rock, B.C. Making a living as a pilot.
Ana Fonseca (now Cruz)
grad 93 I attended Humber College for Business Management, ended up working in the HR Industry. I married in 95 and still I'm still married to the same man, 2 beautiful children. Life is good!
Brandon Reece
grad 93 Graduated in 93 from AHSS, since then have gotten a BA, gotten an MA, moved to Taiwan, moved back to Canada, moved to Peru, gotten married had a daughter, openned a language school (though not all in that order) and spent an inordinate amount of time wondering how I got here from there, but being very happy that I did.
Catherine Herrera
grad 93
I received my Computer Programming Diploma at Sheridan College in '95 . After that, I worked for one year but decided to go back to school and I picked Seneca College. I completed my Computer Programming and Operating Program in '98. I am now working at Interactive Media Corporation as a Test Analyst. I am still taking some night courses at Seneca College so I can receive my Programming Analyst Diploma. At the same time, I am also taking some courses at Humber College for my Internet Design Certificate.
Chung Wai Chan
grad 93 B.Math in C.S. at U. Waterloo 1998. Currently working as a programmer for Allstream in Toronto.
Dennis Lim
grad 93
 dlim@celestica.comgrad U of T Engineering 1998, Manufacturing Engineer at Celestica Inc, Toronto
Edwin Chen
grad 93 I got my B.Sc. (1997) and M.Sc. (grad 00) from McGill University. Currently, I'm a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Toronto, doing medical research at the Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre on leukemia research.
Fergal Mills
grad 93 Married with 1 son, and loving every day.
George Anstey
grad 93 Still a music with a day job. Married, divorced, soon to be married again. 2 kids. Living in Barrie Ontario.
Ian Carroll
grad 93
James Ikjae Kwon
grad 93 Graduated from SUNY at Buffalo in 1997. Graduated from Northwestern University Dental School in 2001.
Currently living in Schaumburg, IL with my wife and daughter.
Jason Allister MacRae
grad 93 graduated 1993. H.B.Sc. Psychology, U of T. I am (thankfully) no longer in the field of car/truck sales and leasing; I discovered quickly that being a car enthusiast has nothing to do with the business of selling them. I am married, I have a 2 1/2 year-old daughter, and I currently live in Cambridge, Ontario. I am a territory manager for a company that manufactures and distributes high-pressure fluid handling equipment, and also a published writer.
Jim Hastings
grad 93
 jimmer_tech@yahoo.caI am a former student of AHSS Igraduated in 1993. My name is Jim Hastings. I went on tograduate from Humber College in Engineering. I run my own IT business for a number of years now its called JPH Communications. I spent time training in Dallas Texas getting my certification in telecommunications with Nortel Networks. I presently live with my fiancee and step-son in beautiful Guelph and own my first home. I enjoy cruising around in my companys' Hummer. Still frequent mississauga, parents live there. Enjoy playing hockey with my buddies.
Karen Bannister Rosie
grad 93 I'm a Landscape Architect and a mother of two, living in Georgetown, Ontario.
Karen Hwang
grad 93
Katie Coulthard (nee Caldwell)
grad 93 I've been teaching high school math in York Region since 1998, havinggraduated from York University with a pure math degree and B.Ed.
Kimberly Gilpin
(nee Maukonen)
grad 93 Igraduated from York University in 1998 with a BA honours in Psychology and a BEd. I am an elementary teacher in Peel. I am married, living just outside Guelph, with my husband and baby son, Liam.
Matt Weatherbie
grad 93 I am currently working customer service for a hydraulic truck parts company in Mississauga. Iam still actively involved in Curling thanks to Mr. Canton who introduced me to the game ingrade 11. Our teams goal is to be at nationals within the next five years. I currently reside in Mississauga.
Misha Rohac
grad 93 I am now working as a conductor in the Czech Republic.
Munish Sharma
grad 93 computer engineer in Mississauga
Paul Weatherbie
grad 93 Living in Brampton, I am in charge of corporate marketing for a national truck parts company. If
anyone needs any marketing assistance, feel free to contact me
Rajib Verma
grad 93
Ravin Doobay
grad 93
Rita Trichur
grad 93
 rita_trichur@ottqmail.ottawasu Journalist with The Ottawa Sun
Rocky Soomal
grad 93
Russ Sturmey
grad 93
Samantha Gormley
grad 93 
Sara Salichuk (now MacDermid)
grad 93 Still living in Mississauga
Thomas Walsh
grad 93
Raymond Hope
grad 92 Still living in Toronto, maried, no kids, two cats. Currently working as Portfolio Analyst at Lombard Canada
Ashij (Ash) Kumar
grad 92 Atmospheric Change Research Associate
Blurb: I completed my M.Sc. in 99 from UofT and am presently working with the Meterological Service of Canada. Mississauga.
Aziz Khan
grad 92
 akhan@techie.comNote: Still living in Mississauga. Got a BSc from nowhere with it, so pursued a career in the field of I/T. Wow, did that ever work out well !!! :-) I'm married to my high school sweetheart and my closest friends are still the ones from Applewood. I have a lot to thank this school for and the people that made it so special for guys !!! Stay safe and in peace !!!
Cam Jenkins
grad 92
 donsonjenkins@yahoo.caAfter high school Igraduated from Georgian College with Hotel and Resort Operations. I then went out to Whistler B.C. and lived and worked there for 4 years. I now live back in Mississauga and work at the Delta Meadowvale in Reservations.
Catherine Moore
grad 92
 catherinemoore@hotmail.comgraduated from the University of Guelph 1996 with a Bachelor of Applied Sciences. Second home owner. Living in London, Ontario with my finace. Wedding date is June 2001.
Cathy Bellmore
grad 92
 Geensen@rogers.comCathy Bellmore (now Geensen). Just bought our 2nd home in Guelph with my husband Greg and 21/2 year old daughter Rachel Leigh. Will be stay at home mom until April then going back to work.
Christopher Williams
grad 92
 vehiclerecovery@rogers.comI still live in Mississauga and work as a private investigator specializing in fraud and commercial auto theft. I also own a freelance media company and work on a part - time basis for CTV.
Cynthia Goodfellow
grad 92 T'is I Cynthia Goodfellow! Igraduated from York in '96 with a degree in Biology and thengraduated with a second degree in '98 in Psychology also from York. I am currently an Academic Advisor with the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science, and am working on a Certificate in Human Resources. Then next year it's UofT and a Master's of Industrial Relations - riches and world domination are soon to follow ;)
Dean Hartley
grad 92 six years at York University got me a degree in psycho-logy Married in '98, and now have two boys. Brandon - 3yrs, and Eric - 7 months Currently Vice President at manufacturing company in Concord, Ontario
Dean Van Vliet  
grad 92 Currently work @ Loblaw Companies Ltd as a Manager, Pricing / Promotions. "What's Up !!??" to all my home boys from AHSS !!!...Yeah Yeah !
Dhiraj Girdhar
grad 92 Hometown: Georgetown ,ON (CAN) / San Francisco CA (USA) Married: Yes / July of 99 Occupation: After a couple of years of consulting in companies like Bank of Montreal, CIBC, Netscape and to many others to mention I started my own internet consultancy company based out of San Francisco and a Development Center here in Toronto.
Diana Krawczyk
grad 92 I am working as a Children's Librarian in Mississauga, having completed my Master of Information Studies at the University of Toronto in 1998. I am still great friends with my Applewood gang - Cynthia, Joanne, Janet and Arlene!
Elizabeth Naumovski
grad 92 Still in Mississauga!
Farah Mirza-Jiwan
grad 92 Igraduated from York University with a B.A. and am now working in the Human Resources Department at Nissan Canada Inc. I am concurrently working towards my H.R. designation at University of Toronto. I married the man of my dreams and I thank God for blessing us with a beautiful daughter. My husband, myself, and baby Jannah live in Milton, Ontario.
Frances Lem
grad 92
Harit Chopra
grad 92 Graduated from Western with a BSc. Geophysics in 1996.ÊÊ 4+ years in exploration airborne geophysics followed by 2years in aerospace engineering. Currently residing and working in Procurement / Supply Chain management in Dallas, TX with a major CPG organization. Improving upon the short-game with a current handicap of +12.

Janice Floyd
grad 92
 janice_floyd@hotmail.comgraduated from University of Waterloo with a BMath in 97. Currently living in Waterloo and working at Clarica as an Actuary. Wedding date July 2001!
Judy Wong
grad 92
jmwwong@yahoo.comgraduated from U of T in 1996 with an honours degree in Biology, and from Queen's University Faculty of Law in 2000. Currently an intellectual property lawyer and trade-mark agent practicing in downtown Toronto. I was married in Sept. 2002, and live in Toronto. I would love to hear from old much time has gone by!!
Julia Lechner
grad 92
Kalpesh Rathod
grad 92  Igraduated from University of Waterloo - Chemical Engineering 1997. Worked as a Process Control Engineer with Atomic Energy for 3 years. Currently I'm pursuing an MBA from the Richard Ivey School of Business - University of Western Ontario.   Regards, Kalpesh        
Livia Van Steenbergen (nee Balogh)
grad 92
livia1974@yahoo.comI now live in Devon, Alberta, just outside of Edmonton. I am a Certified Travel Counsellor for the Alberta Motor Association.
Luca Banducci
grad 92
Lynda Ting
grad 92
Marcia Linklater (Charest)
grad 92 Igraduated from UofWaterloo in 97 with a BMath and a BEd from Queens. I am teaching Math and Computers at Meadowvale SS. I was married in Aug 2000 and bought a house in Caledon.
Martha Toth (The Muffin)
grad 92 Scientific
Technologist in the field of Robotics
Martin Steen
grad 92
Meghan Savage (Hurst)
grad 92
 dhurst0907@rogers.comI live in Toronto. I was married in Aug 98. I currently work for a major soft drink bottler (think blue) as an Area Rep. I am also a part time photographer.
Peter Russell
grad 92 Currently Obtaining CA Desgination.
Robyn Eno (Allen)
grad 92
 smooshicat@aol.comgraduated from Sheridan with my ECE, did a brief stint at Brock, and have been working as a teacher for the YMCA for the past five years. I married my high school sweetheart and our "2.5" kids are 2 cats and a dog, but I also have my 30 kids at the daycare, and that's enough for now!!!
Saba Ahmad
grad 92 After working as a litigator in New York city for a few years, I have decided it's time to move back home. So, for the next year or so, I expect to be jumping through the hoops of the recertification process and settling myself and my two young boys into a new neighbourhood, hopefully in the Bloor West Village area. Unlike my previous entry, I am now single, probably for the first time SINCE high school. In the fifteen years since graduation, I have been amazed at how my life has always been in flux. And, while life has always been interesting, I am really looking forward to returning to the familiarity of home. 
Sayanthan Sabanathan
grad 92 St. Catharines, ONT, Doctor
Aimee Reich
grad 91 I am currently working as a Scenic Artist in Las Vegas, Nevada. The job with David Copperfield was and still 'is'. I still do projects for him and occasionally work at his warehouse, my boyfriend of 5 years is David's Art Director/ Conceptual Designer, so I enjoy helping out when I can. It is always a thrill and a great experience.
Allison Reich
grad 91 New Jersey
Amy Cashmore (now Buchanan)
grad 91 Graduated from U of O with a Recreation degree. Now living in Squamish, B.C. w/ hubby and 6 month old baby, Gabrielle. Moved to Whistler with Janet Vesely (now Stephens - also AHSS grad in 1996).
Ashley Marshall
grad 91 "I became a Christian in 95: so many of you knew I needed that years ago! Igraduated from York in '97 with a BA that I don't use. I married my TLK sweetheart Michelle Wallace that same year, and welcomed Rebekah in 2000 & Jared in 2002. I'm still writing & rapping (a little better at both), and trying to fit a recording schedule around my two jobs and busy family! I'm looking forward to hearing from you soon."
Craig Brister
grad 91
Daniel Saunders
grad 91 Working as a designer in Toronto , living the life in downtown.
Denise Malliaros-Travis
grad 91 Graduated 1991 (would have but left AHSS that year for a semester school to finish High School in 4.5 yrs) BA York University. Married my high school sweetheart Paul Travis in Sept 1998. Son, Ethan born March 20, 2005. Still living in Mississauga Working in the telecommunications industry as a sales rep.
Janet Vesely
grad 91
stephens-jm@shaw.caCalgary, Alberta
Julio O. Cornelio
grad 91 I actually graduated from Sir John Macdonald Secondary. I moved back to Mississauga a few years later and attended Sheridan College for two years. From there I moved to York University to begin my Bachelors program. However fate being what it is I ended up moving to New Jersey after my 2nd year At York U. I got married in 1997 and now have two great kids. Professionally speaking, I worked in the export business from 1997 to 2002 in New Jersey. I joined the US Naval reserve in 2003 and at the same time moved to the physical security field. I moved to Port St Lucie FL in 2004 where I still reside. As far as future plans go, I hope to move back to the only place I have ever called home, MIssissauga Ontario Canada. I have had meny experiences here that I'll carry with me for ever. But home is home, and this Florida isnt it!
Lisa Elliot (now Descoteaux)
grad 91
 lisae@home.comGraduated from Wilfrid Laurier in 1994   Now living in Toronto with husband Eric Descoteaux (also a AHSSgrad).  Currently at home with our 6 month old baby girl Kayla. 
Lissa Pawlowski
grad 91 Registered nurse in emergency at trillium health partners mississauga
Monica Chawla
grad 91 I graduated from York University with a B.A Honours in Psychology in 1996 and a B.Ed at University of Toronto in 1998. I am currently teaching junior intermediate with the Toronto District School Board.

Patrick Smith
grad 91
(Attended Applewood untilgrade 12 so I'm not actually an Applewood
Grad but in my mind I am) Currently living in Toronto with my girlfriend of 2 1/2 years - Whoa! Working at Merrill Lynch as a Real Estate Analyst/Underwriter Still looking for better questions
Sasha Perisic
grad 91
Amit Bidaye
grad 90 I'm agrad of U of T, and McMaster University. Currently a physiotherapist in Mississauga, and still playing the guitar.
Amy Parker (now Kelleher)
grad 90 Teaching high school in Oakville since '96, married a teacher in '98 and have a beautiful baby boy named Ross who was born on June 6, 2001. We recently bought our dream home and are enjoying small town life! Looking forward to hearing from any '90grads who want to catch up
Baljit Sidhu (Deol)
grad 90 I completed my Bachelor of Commerce from U of T, and subsequently obtained my CMA designation. I presently live in Brampton with my husband and two kids. I work in Mississauga as the Accounting Manager for a cargo airline.
Barry Teplicky
grad 90 I graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University in 1994. Since graduation, I have been working at various Toronto based advertising agencies, in Account Management, developing traditional advertising, design and digital creative solutions for clients. I’ve been married since 2000 to my beautiful wife Rachel (nee Durdan) and have one son, Benjamin, born in 2006. We recently moved back to Mississauga from Toronto and are currently living in Port Credit.
Bassel Durzi
grad 90 Married for a few years now, and we had a baby girl in 04, and boy to follow in mid 06. We built a little shack out on the water in the Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman) where we live and I work for a bank, wife is a Vet. Still good friends with Duane Finley back in Canada. If you are visiting the island and wish to say hello, drop me a line at Somebody should organize a 20 year reunion for us approaching the 20 year mark.
Bonnie McBride
grad 90 Occupation: Ontario Power Generation also on Facebook under Bonnie McBride
Brett Eyers
grad 90
bretteyers@hotmail.comBA University of Toronto. Currently working as a firefighter in Oakville.
Chantelle Paiva (Locicero)
grad 90 Married with three kids still here in Mississauga as a property appraiser.
Dave Munshaw
grad 90 I am currently working as a Pharmaceutical Rep for Hoffmann- La Roche.
Dave Steane
grad 90 Went to Sheridan College for Civil Eng. Now working for one of the top 3 leasing companies in North America. My position is - Specialist, Trucks & Equipment, basically designing and acquiring medium duty and heavy duty trucks for all industries and leasing to clients. Married with 3 boys and living in Georgetown.
Debbie Keffer
grad 90
Derek Essery
grad 90 I went off to Australia for six months after high school. When I got back I went to McMaster University to get my Civil Engineering Degree. I am now working for a geotechnical / structural company
Elizabeth Birse
grad 90 Senior Program Consultant in the Public Health Branch, Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. Living in Toronto's "Little Portugal" area with my husband Vince!
Eric Yung
grad 90 Got degree Chemical Engineering from McMaster University in '94 and now working as a Packaging and Pre-Press Quality Manager at Kraft. Married in '98 in Vega$. But now that the law changed to recognise it, I can't be bothered to do it all again. I know we don't live there anymore. We bought an old house on the danforth.
Eric Yung
grad 90 Got degree Chemical Engineering from McMaster University in '94 and now working as a Process Engineering Specialist at algroup lawson mardon in Weston, Ontario. Married in '98 in Vega$ (highly recommended: low stress) and now waiting for Canada to change its Human Rights laws to recognise it.
Jane Boire (Jean Claudia Ropchan)
grad 90 Remember when your teachers told you to prepare for multiple careers throughout your lifetime?? Well, I believe them! After finishing my M.Sc. in Geochemistry (2000) I decided I'd rather become a Web Programmer than be a transient living with black flies. The high tech industry crashed as soon as I entered & there was no room for advancement at the company I worked for - time for a new career. Teaching high school! Finished my B.Ed. in 2004. check out my web site ( to see where I'm at now.
Joel Robinson
grad 90
Joel Robinson
grad 90
 jracecam@ilap.comgraduated from Guelph U. with a very expensive piece of paper! I work in the TV on the production side of things. I specialize in televising Auto racing (TSN/SPEEDVISION/Sportsnet).
Joyce Wan
grad 90 I'm still living in Mississauga. I work for IBM Canada as a customer support operation training focal
Karen Wallace
grad 90 After highschool I went to York for 5 years and got my BA/BED. I am an elementary teacher with the Peel Board. I am living in Oakville with my husband and my yellow lab TJ.
Katy Shi
grad 90
Kim Lumsden
grad 90
 kl@avantgord.comgraduated from UofT in 1994 with an honours degree in Philosophy. Then spent a year working as an editor for Canadian Airlines inflight magazine. After that I moved to New Zealand. I work for web design company and go surfing when I get a chance.
Kristi Kopp
grad 90 After highschool I furthered my education by graduating from the University of Waterloo, Humber College, and Fanshawe College. I am living in Timmins Ontario and am currently the Store Manager for The Home Depot.
Lisa Williams-Rozario
grad 90 Continued to live Mississauga until January 1999 when I relocated to Stouffville, ON. My husband Michael had grown up there & it was time for a change. Became a licenced insurance broker in April 1999, now an Underwriter/Insurance Broker for a very large insurance company, but currently on a leave.  Got married Fri. Sept 13, 2002, had our son Jake, Dec 12/03 and our son Tyson on Jan 12/06. Jake, Tyson & I finally relocated to St. Thomas, ON (just wishin it was the sunny south..) in April 2007. This was after Michael accepted a Fire Chief position in the area back in May 2006.....thus spending almost a year down here by himself... commuting down early Monday morning & home late Thursday nights....while we got our house in Stouffville sold & found one in St. Thomas that we liked. Keep in touch with Vanna Zappia (now Brown) on a regular basis, she's who pointed the site out to me. After high school still hung out with Dawn Hillock(a friend from public school right on through) Also hung out with Steve Walkden(wonder where he is & how he's doing now), Brian Mazzerole, and the gang and many others at O'tooles...until it closed. So another Mississauga great became the regular place of choice Branigan's....& sorry to say it also closed a few years back. But keep in touch with a few very good friends made there, unfortunately not many Applewood Grads.....actually Applewood Rivals. Would love to hear from anyone that I graduated with, or may have just known. It's always interesting to see where people end up. Surprisingly enough considering that I stayed in Mississauga for a while after graduating I haden't run into that many people from Applewood, and just wondering how many people are.
Mark Small
grad 90 working for Ciba Vision in Mississauga
Meena Sayal (Pahwa)
grad 90 I'm an elementary teacher for the Durham Board of Education. My husband, 2-year old daughter and I moved to Chicago for about seven months but there's no place like home, so we're back in Pickering!!
Merridith Evans
(was Thompson)
grad 90  Graphic Designer
Michael J. Russell
grad 90 Chief of Staff to the Air Force Military Police Group Headquarters, 1 Canadian Air Division, Winnipeg, MB. Married with 4 children and a Newfoundland Dog.
Michael Lim
grad 90
 mlim@home.comgraduated university of waterloo '95, electrical engineering now living in California (silicon valley) working as a software engineer
Ray Stanford
grad 90 currently living and working outside of Vancouver, BC (Coquitlam).
Samantha Angel
grad 90
samantha@echohome.netI married Ferg Mills in 1999 and we live in Mississauga with our Dog, Moby. We run a decor/wholesale business called echohome Inc, and we have a website <> . I sing in a band called "Alex" (our next gig is Feb 21, 2003 at C'est What), and  I still love my close Applewood friends, Saba Ahmad, Adeel Ahmad, Ostap Soroka, and of course, my superstar brothers-in-law, Ed, Gav and Martin Mills
Samantha Leonard (nee Mort)
grad 90
 samantha_leonard@TD.COM I am an Investigator - Fraud Prevention & Special Investigations for TD Bank, Toronto. I got married to Rick in August 1993 and we have two wonderful children, Eric - born in 1996 and Haylie - born in 1998.
Seema Opal
grad 90 I help U of T engineering students find work!
Shabana Tajwar
grad 90
 shabana_tajwar@akrf.comgraduated from Waterloo in 1995 with a degree in Chemical Engineering/Environmental Option. Living and working (as an Environmental Engineer for an Engineering/Planning Consulting firm)in Manhattan (New York, NY) ever since, and loving it!
Simon Crawford
grad 90 Toronto Finance and Commercial Real EstateÊLawyer - Three kids, a dog and a turtle.
Stephen Verscheure
grad 90
graduated from Univervity of Waterloo Computer Engineering in '95
Suzanne Lee
grad 90 I'm currently an associate with the Windsor law firm of Wilson, Walker, Hochberg, Slopen LLP practicing in the area of commercial litigation.  I completed my undergrad at the University of Western Ontario before heading out to Osgoode Hall Law School.  I got married in June 2001 (after almost 13 years of dating!) and subsequently moved to Windsor.  I would love to hear from any old classmates.
Ted Everson
grad 90 Cardiac Surgery Resident, London Health Sciences Centre, University of Western Ontario
Terry Marsh
grad 90
 terrymarsh_99@yahoo.comI am living in Mississauga, working for a large insurance company as a Team Leader. I have been married for 4 years (no kids) and my best friend is still Ostap from Applewood. We are working on recording our first CD!! I would love to hear from old Applewood friends.
Terry Marsh
grad 90
terry@martianrebel.comI live in Mississauga still and am currently working for Whirlpool Canada, where I head the Customer Relations department. I am married with no kids and have one hyper Jack Russell puppy. On my off time, I play in a band called martianrebel. Our website is We are currently recording our first CD and are looking to release it in the spring of '05. I still hang out with friends from AHSS. Some things never change!
Theressa Ebersberg
(nee Forward)
grad 90 I studied Environmental Studies at U. of Waterloo for 3 years and then decided (now looking back, I would not recommend it!) to quit and take a full time job in the possition of Logistics and Traffic.  That's where I met my husband.  We moved to Germany and have been almost 5 years here.  And now, since the last 6 months we're a family of 3, with our son Jason.
Tonu Petersoo
grad 90 Igraduated from the University of Guelph in 1995 and am a Professional Engineer. I started a company called Air Quality Engineering Inc. (AQE) in 2000 and provide Environmental Engineering / Air Quality / Health & Safety Consulting Services. Very cool site... nice to see what the old gang is up to now ! cheers.
Tonya Gillingham (Hopson)
grad 90 Living in Kitchener with my three kids. Working for the Waterloo District School Board as an EA.
Trevor Ellis
grad 90 working in the telecommunications industry as
a sales rep, recently married on may 1/99
Ankur Sood or
Gary Mangra
 S7602446.@ nickle currently in Mygraduating year at
Laurentian University majoring in french
Kiran Kaur Kundhal
kiran.kundhal@utoronto.caI attended medical school at the University of Toronto and earned my Doctor of Medicine (M.D.) degree in 2001. I'm currently completing my residency in an Internal Medicine specialty program.
Madhu Sharma
smiles1105@hotmail.comCompleted my undergrad at UofT and my B.Ed at Queen's University. I am teaching with Peel Board in agrade three classroom - love it so far!!!
Mike Valve Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia

Grads from the Eighties

Grads from the New Millenium, Nineties, Eighties,and Sixties and Seventies

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Amber Dinda (nee Schmitt)
grad 89 I got married to my husband Kanti in 1998. We have a daughter, Emma (2000) and a son Keith (2004) and are living in Oakville. I currently run my own business, a children's party planning and special events company, Par-T-Perfect,
Ash Karia
grad 89
Awnish Srivastava
grad 89
Beth Wylie
grad 89
Equity analyst for Newcrest Capital in Toronto.
Buffy Gelinas
grad 89 I was a student from 86-88. I would love a reunion with the grads of 89! I am now living in Hamilton where I am a stay at home mom of 3 children. I married my dream man in June of 2000.
Christine Waite - formerly Ibbotson
grad 89 Now living in ErinMills. I have a 5 year old son - Patrick -  and a 16 year old step-daughter - Britney. My husband's name is Chris Waite (he left Applewood in his grade 10 year).
Dan Tredre
grad 89 Currently driving for greyhound the last 6 years and operating my own tours of niagara,toronto,ottawa and quebec as well as charters all over the usa. " i am glad that i payed attention geography". i have a beautiful wife from colombia and a newborn baby boy.still live in mississauga . any old classmates feel free to contact me. it'd be great to chat. dan !!
Dawn McCowan
grad 89 I graduated in 1989 living in Oakville 2 amazing daughters 20 and 15. Working in the dental field since 1991
Dawn McCowan (nee:McMerty)
grad 89
 mccowan.clan@on.aibn.comHappily living in good old Mississauga as well as happily married 7 years. 2 beautiful daughters Paige 5 and Madison 1, and am currently a "Domestic Engineer" and loving it. Love to hear from the gang at AHSS.
Eric Taylor
grad 89 Brampton, Electrical Engineer, married 98, no kids, one dog
Geoff Webb
grad 89
Recruiter for an IT consulting company based in Toronto. My wife (Michelle) and I were married in 1996 and we both live in TO - we have two cats (Barney and Xander). Michelle is currently a student at York University
Glen Marshall 
grad 89 Toronto. I’m married with 2 children! Occupation: Business Analyst in the Telecommunications Industry, dealing with mostly start-up telephone and IP companies in the US.
Heather Haddon (Bishop)
grad 89 After graduating from Applewood in 1989, I went to Laurentian where I spent 4 years in class and two more as Student Union President. I live and work in Newmarket.
Jackie Milev (nee Bogdanovski)
grad 89 I am a Registered Dental Hygienist working in Brampton. I am married and have one son (2 years old) and expecting a second child in August 2003. I am still living in Mississauga and would love to hear from AHSS friends.
Joe Stogrin
grad 89
 stogrins@mb.sympatico.caNow living in Friendly Manitoba, I have a wife ( Tanya ) and our little girl ( Amanda ) . Still playing music, that was self taught and also  in that fine corner of the school. In no order I play my guitars, ( 12 string, electric, classical) Banjo, Mandolin, Trumpet, Trombone, Keyboard, Harmonica, and I sing. As I did @ Applewood with all the Guys and Dolls in Guys and Dolls. Oh yah, I do Fiddle around the odd time too. I don't just playing for myself with all these musical instruments, but for the people out here in Manitoba that like COUNTRY music. Have written about 30 songs, and have been on the radio singing. Always have and always will love music.   Tanya and I own and operate a small country store.  STOGRIN'S COUNTRY STORE !   This includes a post office, groceries, Gas Station,  and mechanical work on vehicles and farm equipment.   Did someone say farm? We also have a farm that has been in the family name since 1913. Tanya and I also take care of that. We have a few head of cattle and my Horse named, Phyllis the Filly that I like to take out riding to check on the cattle. Why you may ask ?   Like Ms. Harrison knows, it is my RELIGION. I have strong belief that the farm was where I was meant to be, wearing my Cowboy Hat !!!   Miss you all. Well most of you. Come on out to the farm anytime you like, just to chat.
Johnny Bai
grad 89
Went to university and living and working in Toronto.
Leslie Smith
grad 89
 Leslie@filbitron.comgraduated from Queens in '92. Currently working in Markham as the Director of Marketing Services for a computer firm and living on our farm in Zephyr with my husband to be and our mocha.
Lisa Boyadjian ne Kolkas
grad 89
lisaboyadjian@hotmail.comCurrently living in Pickering, Ontario and working in Toronto as Director of Human Resources for a large real estate company.
I am married with a son and daughter. I would love to connect with other AHSS friends!
Lisa Mullett grad 89 I am married, have two teenage Sons and live in Cambridge, Ontario.I work as an Engineering Administrator for a company that designs and manufacturers Air Pollution Control Systems in Guelph, Ontario

PaulDa Rosa
grad 89
Robert Shih
grad 89 Did 2 yrs of undergraduate at UofT, then
got into Med School at Queen's and then did my Residency Program at Western, now practicing Family Medicine in Mississauga
Ron McCarthy
grad 89 I am a Controls Engineer for Dofasco. Married 11 years, with a 10 year old daughter and living in Ancaster.
Tracy Power
grad 89 I moved to Newfoundland in 1995. I work managing our family business. I have a 4-year old son and I am enjoying the quiet life back on the rock.
Ward Noble
grad 89 B.A. and B.Ed. from UofT. I am living in Toronto where I am an elementary school teacher with the TDSB.
Adam Tassone
grad 88 
Amir Hameed
grad 88 Completed Electrical Engineering degree from University of Ottawa in 1992. Licensed P.Eng. in 95,  and working for Nortel Networks in Commercial Marketing.
Live in Mississauga with my wife Jasmine (married July '96) and beautiful daughter Iman (born March '99).
Andrew Conrad
grad 88 left Applewood in 1988 (Grade 11)graduated in Bedford Nova Scotia in 1989, then went to Saint Mary's University where Igraduated in 1994. Then in 1994 and 1995, after finishing with Track and Field, I trained with Canadian National Bobsleigh Team Calgary Alberta.I have left Casino Nova Scotia and now am a Cadet with the halifax Regional Police Dept.......finishing with the Academy in November of 2003............I had kept my self occupied as the Head Strength and Conditioning coach for the Saint Mary's University Huskies Varsity Football Program from 1998-2000..........I thought that Mr. Cantor and Mr. Palmer would have liked that all my friends from the summers of 1985-1988...get back to me because I will be making a trip to Mississauga when Igraduate from the Academy..........and it is never to old to re-acquaint..........never. I am now married with two boys and have been a Police Officer with the Halifax Regional Police for 8 years.
Anita Lucibello
grad 88
Brad Peech
grad 88
President & CEO of Topleft Securities Ltd., an exempt market dealer registered with the Ontario Securities Commission.
Brenda Knights (Gomes)
grad 88 Currently married (husband = Andrew) and working for Canada Revenue Agency as a Collections Enforcement Officer in Edmonton, AB. No kids, one dog. Graduated from UofT in 1993 and 1996 but am now on a different career path and taking online accounting classes through Sheridan College.
Bruce Caldwell
grad 88 Hometown: Thunder Bay, Ontario Occupation: Was engineer, now middle management at Ontario Power Generation
Cindy Woodland
grad 88 working in pharmacology at the Hospital for Sick Children, but I am leaving in September (99) to travel for a year. I will be going through Africa, the Middle East, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Australia/New Zealand.
Colleen Kelly
grad 88 Always curious to hear what people have been up to.
David Harris
grad 88 Director of Actuarial for Zurich Canada (completed my FCAS/FCIA in 1997) Living in Mississauga with wife, dog and new baby daughter (born Nov. 1998)  
David Keffer
grad 88 Working in Waterloo for an IT company as a Service Coordinator, I also reside in Waterloo with my wife and son (James) and still take every chance I get to enjoy the outdoors.
Dawn Doering
grad 88
Dawn M. Bennett
grad 88
dbennett@rzcdlaw.comI spent four years at Western, and earned my Honours BA (English), I then spent 2 years at Windsor and earned my BComm. I went to law school in England (U of Bristol) for the next 3 years, and earned my LL.B in 1997. One more year of Bar exams at the Inns of Court School of Law in London, and I was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1998. I returned to Canada and did a year of law school at U of T, articled, and then did my Ontario Bar exams in 2000. I was called to the Ontario Bar in 2001. I spent a couple of years working downtown, and I have now returned to practice family law in Mississauga. I would love to hear from old friends!
Frank Michielli
grad 88 or Completed Computer Programming & Operating @ Seneca College in August 1991. Had many jobs throughtout the years in the same industry but nothing beats working for your own company!!!! ( Married w/children(a boy and a girl), living in Thornhill, and I can't say i regret anything!!!! GO AXEMEN!!!
Iolanda McKendrick (nee Ingrassia)
grad 88
iolanda@rogers.comStill living a great life in Mississauga.
Jim Peterson
grad 88 Studied Sports Therapy at York University after High School. Became a professional Fire Fighter in Oakville in 1994 and still loving it!  Married in October of '99.  Currently residing in Burlington.
John McConnach
grad 88 Moved out to Vancouver in 93 and spent ten years acting with over 30 professional credits. Now living back in toronto where I work for Oysterboy restaurant on Queen st. west, and songwriting in my spare time. would love to hear from friends and fellow grads.
John Vukovic
grad 88   Completed my CA in 1994 and Chartered Business Valuator (CBV) designation in 1997. Currently Vice-President with Ernst & Young Corprate Finance inc. (Toronto) advising on mergers and acquisitions. Live in Oakville with my wife Victoria (married  July 1994) and son Adam (born April 1998).
Kaleb Montgomery
grad 88 Hometown is still Mississauga, for the moment and I'm a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Krishna Pathiyal
grad 88 Completed Mechanical Engineering Co-op from the University of Ottawa, then went to the University of Western Ontario to study law. Now I am a licensed Barrister & Solicitor and a Registered Patent and Trademark Agent - practising exclusively in the field of intellectual property law. I am the Intellectual Property Counsel for Research In Motion Limited. Living in the metropolis of Waterloo with my wife Shilaja and my one-year-old son Milind! I welcome all emails from Applewood friends.
Lisa (Gilhespy) Michaels
grad 88 Spent seven years in Toronto as a marketing and publications manager, now living in beautiful Oakville with husband Tom and kids Julianna (1998) and Davis (2001). I run my own business doing freelance marketing, communications, writing and project management for clients in the public sector.
Lisa Martens (Farrell)
grad 88 I left Mississauga in 1988 for Vancouver.
I got married in 1995 (Doug) no kids, 1 dog
Mark Taciuk
grad 88
Melanie Waring-Chapman
grad 88
 Melanie.Waring.Chapman@utoronto .ca
Michael Bator
grad 88 Cargill Foods Toronto
Michael Malone
grad 88 living and working in Mississauga. Married with two young children.
Michelle Clusieau
grad 88
 mclus@hotmail.comClient Services Assistant
Mike Moudry
grad 88 I still live in Mississauga and am a single father of a four year old girl. I would love to hear from anyone that still remembers me.
Nicole Haupt (nee Mittag) grad 88 Happily married for 25 years to my husband Ryner and proud mom of two sons Kameron 21 and Logan 19. Currently residing in Parry Sound at our cottage and employed by the Ministry of Ontario Children’s Development Services at Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre in Barrie.
Philip Alexy
grad 88 Animator for George Lucas' Industrial Light and Magic (ILM). Working on Star Wars Episode One at this time (Feb 99)!
Richard Peck
grad 88 Living on Long Island in Glen Cove,NY and teaching Math.
Saywack Deorajh
grad 88 Would love to hear from old friends and acquaintances.
Sharon B. Wilks
grad 88 or I am the Media Relations Co-ordiantor for the Canadian Bankers
Stephen To
grad 88 or accordst14@hotmail.comLiving and working in Mississauga, Graphic artist and Illustrator for
leading manufacturer and supplier of painting hardware.
Sue Shadoff
grad 88
Teacher with Peel Board of Ed
Tobin Lifchis
grad 88 After Grad, I earned a Pilot Licence, Graduated from York U. and Sheridan College . Now I have a healthy Real Estate Career , Circa 1994 , A beautiful Highschool sweetheart Wife, Shelley and 3 terrific children.
Vesna Tomich
grad 88
 vesna.tomich@senecac.on.caWas in Applewood fromgrades 9 to 11, but finished at Glenforest. Spent 3 yrs working/ living in Havana, Cuba for an Italian computer company, did the Flight Attendant thing for 2 Europe! Now my feet are firmly planted as Senior Administration at Seneca College, married (well common-law for the last 4 yrs), living in Maple, Ont.
Vinaya Kulkarni
grad 88 Living in Mississauga completing my MBA
Yu-Hon Li
grad 88 or Currently working in Hong Kong as the Director of Account Services for Marketing Drive Worldwide, a global integrated marketing and communications firm. My wife works for the National Basketball Association handling television broadcasts for the Asia Pacific region and we have a daughter who was born in 2000. I'd much prefer to be in the snow!
Annie Sirois (married: Ribau)
grad 87 Migrated all the way to Oakville in 1993. Have been a Realtor since 1994. Married with 3 kids - twin girls born 1996 and a son born 1997. 
Connie Dickson
grad 87 Occupation: Television Producer I work as a Commercial Sales Producer for National clients. Living luxuriously in sin. 3 dogs, no kids (yet!) Lead singer in 2 bands – now a 3rd.
Darren Akai
grad 87
Jeff Wereley
grad 87 Currently living in Guelph ontario with my wife, was married in 94 and have 2 boys 8/5 and a girl 2.
I work for Canadian Bank Note in Toronto.
would love to hear from any old friends.
Karen Van Kleef (Gardner)
grad 87
gardner@rogers.comLiving in Etobicoke, currently (2005) at York University doing B.Ed. part-time. Have 2 children born 1998 and 2001.
Leanne Smith
grad 87 I went on to study Marketing at Sheridan, opened my own Cellular franchise, then entered the IT profession for a number of years, as an IT Manager. Got married and had 2 children, and opened my Own Indoor Playground Business in 2006 "Jellybeenz Indoor Playground". Currently reside in Brampton with my Husband, and 5 & 7 yr old, and enjoy running my own business and travelling.
Leslie Morton (nee Minten)
grad 87
Lisa Wyatt (Married: Koens)
grad 87 still in Mississauga working as a Sales/Marketing Manager. Have two boys: born 2004 & 2006
Michael Smith
grad 87 I migrated all the way to Hamilton, where I reside with my wife Diana and daughter Meaghan. I teach economics and history at Highland S.S. and coach cross country and track.
Michael Timothy Bayer
grad 87 Currently living near Streetsville with my beautiful 4 year old daughter Paige. I would love to hear from old friends and teachers.
Nicole Levitt (married name Vosper)
grad 87 Reside in Mississauga, teach elementary grades in Peel D.S.B. Married with 3 daughters.
Paul Biasiucci
grad 87 I miss the football teams i was on . then graduated from sheridan college in 1990 in business administration and applied arts. worked for a large printing company in mississauga for a few years after graduating, and currently now have my own business in large format printing producing billboards, p.o.p's, signage and vehicle graphics. married in 1992 to another axemen alumni known then as paula viglianti. we now have 2 children bianca born in 93' and adriano 98'. still live in mississauga. hope to hear from the old "FIGA'S"
Raquel da Cunha
grad 87 Did my undergraduate in University of Toronto and then went on to do my graduate studies in clinical psychology in Minnisotta and then Wisconsin. I moved back to Canada in 2000 - am now a child clinical psychologist - I work for Dufferin Peel Catholic District School Board as well as in private practice. Currently I live in Mississauga. I really enjoyed my days in Applewood and would love to hear from any of my old classmates.
Sanjay Patel
grad 87 
DC10 Captain for Fedex! Living in Mississauga and Memphis.
Todd B Garratt
grad 87
Alex Ocsai
grad 86 Real Estate Broker/Owner Entered real estate sales in 87, currently own/operate Royal LePage offices in Mississauga, Brampton, Milton, Georgetown and Campbellville. Married with one boy (Daniel – born Jan/03) Live in Cheltenham (Terra Cotta) Ontario.
Andrew Burgess
grad 86
Civil Engineer, Self Employed, "Burgess Engineering"
Brian Sherriff
grad 86 Resides in Mississauga. Architect working for Allen & Sherriff Architects. I attended Lakehead University for Business for one year. B. Tech from Ryerson Polytechnic Institute, Architectural Science, 1992. M. Arch from University of Michigan, 1994. I race a powerboat for fun.
I'm still single.
Cheryl Horslin
grad 86 University of Waterloograd BMath 91, MSc 95.  Currently residing in Waterloo, doing consulting work in statistics for various health-related projects.  Married Dan Madill in 1991, daughter Rebecca born 2000.
Christa Van Kleef (Spalding)
grad 86 am still living in Mississauga and I work for Samsung Electronics Canada.
Take Care
Christine Loeblein (nee DeBono)
grad 86 Married with three daughters, living in Mississauga Current Occupation: Associate Director Bell Mobility
Cyrus Durzi
grad 86 Senior Manager of Operations Development at Tibbett & Britten Canada
Jane Peirce
grad 86
Janice Collacutt (now Farrow)
grad 86 After Applewood I attended Victoria University at U of T, married, had three children (all girls) and to my surprise, became a teacher. I currently teach English and Drama at the high school level in the TDSB and I am loving it. Hope everyone is well and looking forward to a big’ ole reunion in 16!
Joe Damiani
grad 86 I graduated in 1986 and attended University of Toronto. LifeÕs journeys have seen me working downtown, divorced, in the Middle East and now back living and working in Mississauga with a wonderful woman and beautiful daughter.
Joyce Merkley
grad 86 Transit Coordinator - City of Brampton. Three children, Jacqueline (1990), Josephine (1991) and Jordan (1996). Living in Orangeville
Karen Gardner (Stoneman)
grad 86 I currently live in Burlington (2011) with my two daughters Brittany (1994) and Delaney (1996). After many years away from a classroom, I decided to go back. I am in my 3rd year of the 3 year advanced Business Administration Marketing program at Sheridan College.
Karen Small
grad 86
 karen.small@astrapharmaceutic I left Canada in '95 and moved to Boston, MA., working for a pharmaceutical company as a National Conventions Logistics Coordinator. My job has brought me to Philadelphia, PA where I'm now living
Karen Wallace
grad 86 I reside in Oakville. I am a lawyer with Legal Aid Ontario. I am marrried with 2 boys-- Nathan (1997) and Cameron (2002)
Laurie Taciuk
grad 86 Special Education Teacher with the York Region District School Board
Mary Bristol
grad 86
 marystadus@home.comgraduated from University of Waterloo in '91. After working and living in Toronto, married husband Rainer in '99 and moved to London, Ontario, where we own a small public relations/corporate communications firm (Impact Integrated) specializing in food, health, finance and high-tech. No kids, one dog (Lucy). Would love to hear from former classmates, especially those now in London!  
Michael Johnston
grad 86 Living in Port Perry, I'm married with 2 kids, and I work as a paramedic in Toronto.
Mike Cooper
grad 86 Currently living in Osaka, Japan
Studying Classical Archaeology & Ancient History at Leicester University
Monica Nobile (nee Holzinger)
grad 86 I graduated from York University in Psychology then went to Teacher's College in Kingston. I've been teaching for 18 years, mostly in Peel Region. I am happily married, for 18 years now and have two beautiful daughters, ages 16 and 13.
Patty Marshall (Pino)
grad 86
Philip Ng
grad 86
png@bcm.tmc.eduAfter Applewood, I attended U of T for BSc. Then went to U of Guelph for MSc and PhD. Then to McMaster for post-doctoral studies. Was recruited onto the faculty in the department of Molecular and Human Genetics at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas in 2001. Currently I am an Assistant Professor at Baylor doing gene therapy research. My web page is
Sandra Conn (Yaroff)
grad 86 married living in Mississauga 1 daughter Paige
Scott Harris
grad 86
 gccarley@sympatico Live in Mississauga-insurance broker-married with two boys Anthony (1996) and Nicholas (1999). Helping out Coach Canton with the Senior football team
Tassone, Louie
grad 86 Owner, Medi-Clean Ltd. (Cleaning service for the medical & health professions) I'm interested in hearing from former classmates, so please send me a message."
Tracey Mitchell
grad 86
 Janet Kerr
grad 86
 dimondconsulting@sympatico.caI am a freelance editor/technical and business writer/transcriber. Now living in Orangeville, I'm married (1990) to Matthew and have a daughter Heather (born 1993). Fond memories of AHSS. If you remember me, drop me a line.
Brian Warchol
grad 85 Story Producer for the television program, Holmes On Homes.
Caroline Weingarten Pascoe
grad 85 I left Applewood in 1982 I would have graduated in 1985 ( skipped grade 12 and went to a semester school Graydon). I live in Ajax, with my two girls 17 and 15 married to Joe, retired now and enjoying it.
Cathy Jansen
grad 85 We have two great kids! Switched careers and now I'm a high school teacher!
Cheri Van Patten (nee Lee Kutynec)
grad 85 I completed a BASc (1991) and MSc (1996) and I am now living in Vancouver, BC working as a Registered Dietitian in cancer care.
Dale Bulman
grad 85 I attended from 81 to 85. 30 years ago this June. Damn!
Married for 15 years to my wife Jennifer. We live in Scarborough
Darren Dallaire
grad 85 I am currently residing in Milton with one son. I work as a Transit Supervisor for the City of Brampton. On the side I train professional figthers for Mixed Martial Arts around the country representing Team Canada.
Dawn Murphy
grad 85 I am a busy full time mom of 3 sons-24 years old and 14 year old twins! I am also a grandmother now to an adorable baby boy!
Dean Smiciklas
grad 85
 dr.smiciklas@sympatico.cagraduated from UofT with Bachelor of Commerce. Still living in Mississauga. Married with two children, Nicole (1997) and Jessica (2002). Work for General Motors as a Commercial Lending Analyst.
Debbie James Gilbert
grad 85 Married, three children, living in Caledon East, ON.  Working part-time as a freelance copywriter for pharmaceutical industry.  Fond memories of AHSS - and greetings to my fellow classmates from the good old days!
Diana Steckiewicz (Married name Urbanek)
grad 85 Graduated from George Brown College in 1988, and The Royal Conservatory of Music Orchestral Training Program in 1989. Married in 1993, have two children, we have been living in Oakville for the past twenty two years.

Dina Savaglio ( nee DeMola)
grad 85 Married with 2 children living in Etobicoke
Gary James Campbell
grad 85
 gcampbell@ibl.bmgraduated Western in 1989
Obtained my Chartered Accounting designation.
Moved to Bermuda in 1997 where I am currently living
Kelly Powell
grad 85  or Still residing in Mississauga. Working as a Category Specialist at a large foodservice Management Company that coincidently provides the foodservices at Applewood. Go figure. Would love to hear from old friends.
Kevin Beattie
grad 85 Graduated from U of T (1990) with BSc (Chemistry). Work as a Chemistry Associate in the Pharmaceutical industry (Toronto) and live in Mississauga. Married for 9 ¸ yrs. Have 3 kids (two boys; oldest is 7 yrs old and youngest is 7 days old; and one girl 3 ¸ yrs old) and yes, IÕm STILL a Sabres fanÉ
Kim Bobsin
grad 85 living in UK!
Kristen Choffe
grad 85 Living in Etobicoke, received my MSc at U of Guelph. Currently running a molecular systematics lab at the Royal Ontario Museum. I would love to hear from any of my old classmates!
Lisa Artuso (Dwyer)
grad 85
Lorraine Leeson (maiden Colclough)
grad 85 After I left Applewood I went on to become a registered nurse. I worked at Credit Valley Hospital for 16 years aswell as with Scientists in School teaching in the Halton and Toronto District School Boards to grade 1 and grade 5.
In the Summer of 2005 I moved to Minneapolis with my husband Gary of 16 years and our 2 kids Brittany 11 and Taylor 8 due to a corporate relocation. 
I would love to hear from old friends.
Lynne Brigant
grad 85 Still living in Ontario (Brampton these days) although I did go far afield for a bit. Lived in England for almost a year; hated it. Married, one daughter, working as a law clerk in a Toronto law firm.
Marisa Zoratto (nee:  Misasi)
grad 85
Mark Saliba-Reid
grad 85 Boeing 747 pilot for China Airlines, based in Taipei. Started out as a "bush pilot" in the early 90s (remote areas of northern Canada, flying floatplanes, skiplanes on survey work, forest fires and air ambulance work) and moved on to airline flying in 1999. I still make it back to Toronto every now and then.
Ross Breithaupt
grad 85
Stephanie Hubbard (maiden name: Johnston)
grad 85
 shubbard0431@rogers.comI am currently living with my husband and 4 children in Brooklin, Ont. where I am working part-time in Administration for a Housing Development company.
Tony Chi
grad 85 Moved to Los Angeles in 1985. Received BSEE from UCLA in 1990, MSEE from USC in 1991, and MBA in Finance from USC in 1995. Currently working at Broadcom Corporation in Irvine, CA as a Senior Manager in Financial Analysis and Planning

Virgil Macera
grad 85
vmacera@routestransport.comMarried my High school Sweetheart Lorrie Macera (Rynard) in 1990 almost 22 years. We have two children Matthew 17 and Samantha 15. Live in Burlington. I own Routes Transport International 24 years now located in Oakville off the 403. I have 60 employees. I must say I truly mis the laughs we had at Applewood. I mis football and the spirit and I mis you my fellow alumni. Too bad it can not last forever.. Fellow Alumni Encourage Empower and Build Confidence.. Reach out anytime..
Wanda Godzisz
grad 85

wgodzisz1@yahoo.caI am an Athabasca Univ. Grad and an ICU RN.

Brian Buckingham
grad 84 After high school married my sweetheart and have been married for almost 20yrs with 2 teenage boys. We live in Olde Meadowvale area of north Mississauga. Looking forward to the 40th reunion of AHSS.
Cheryl Bansingh (nee Bradley)
grad 84 still living in Mississauga. Married for 12 years to a wonderful man - have four kids - Zack 10, Dakota 8, Mikaela 5 and Dallas 2 1/2. My husband and I operate an insulating company. Who would have thought .....!
Christina Contreiras
grad 84 or
Branch Accountant for Cara Operations, Airline Service Division, Ottawa. Is it Reunion time yet?
Cristina Treace
grad 84
Dave Morton
grad 84 Living and working in Oakville Ontario in the Graphic Arts industry
David Latimer
grad 84 Independent Software Consultant. After spending most of my high school time having a good time, I went on to U of T for a B.A. in Economics and Political Science. The highlight of those days was a nine-month study trip around the world on a peace studies program. After a stint editing a student paper at U of T, I completed a Journalism degree and Ryerson. With a fresh Journalism degree I, of course, promptly took up computer programming and have been doing it ever since. I eventually became self-employed and have worked in the U.S. and the GTA. Married in 1996, I have two children and live on Runningbrook, just around the corner from Applewood! Long road to a short distance.
Debbie Milliken
grad 84 Pharmacist (Currently work at SmithKline Beecham Pharma and Markham Stouffville Hospital)
Derek J. Lobo
grad 84 I'm an attorney living in San Diego, California
Frank Kasun
grad 84 Mississauga , self employed
Frank Lanouette
grad 84 I have been a Tool and Die Maker for thirteen years and have worked in Canada and the United States, not married , no kids but one German Shepherd puppy.Considering moving back down to South Carolina When is there going to be a reunion?? Hope to hear from others of my time!! Yes, i still have a trumpet but couldn`t play to save my life!!
Frank Lanouette
grad 84 I currently live in North Brampton , i have
been a tool and die maker for thirteen years , have worked in the states and now back in Ontario.
Frank Saur grad 84 I graduated in 1984 but for some reason my picture is with the grade 11 class that year. Although there is a speechless grad photo! I live in Alliston with my wife and two kids. My son is 18 and my daughter is 9. I work in Bolton, in the yard for a high-rise concrete forming company.
Gord Oxley
grad 84 I currently live in Toronto, and I write and perform sketch and song comedy around Toronto as part of a comedy duo called "Fast & Dirty". Among our highlights are performing some of our material on CBC Television's "SketchCom", CBC Radio's "Definitely Not The Opera", and The Comedy Network's "Cream of Comedy" broadcast. I'm continuing to try and find work as an actor and writer when I can, both with F&D and solo. For more info on "Fast & Dirty" deeds, you can go to:
Greg Nikolopoulos
grad 84 Now living in Meaford, Ontario Married for 11 to beautiful wife lynne and 2 kids Jennifer and Mickey.We own a very unique contruction company for the last 10 years where we specialize in repairing wet foundations with patented product we developed.

Mrs Probst always told me that I was stubborn and that stubbornes will take me places because when I believed in something that was right I would always follow my beliefs. THANKS JUDY more stubborn than ever.

Applewood it was the best and would love to here what everyone did with thier lives.
Jae Kim
grad 84 Went to UofT,graduated in 1988, been working at Mercer HR Consulting (Pension Consulting) ever since. Happily married with two kids- boy 4 & girl 2. Would have enjoyed highschool more if I had known what was to follow afterwards (a lot of work with the Kids). Looking forward to life after toddlers. Living in Mississauga, working Downtown, drive a minivan.
Kerri Halonen(nee Sherriff)
grad 84 I currently am at home with our four kids. (Kai 8, Petra 5, Kira 3 and Kiana 18 months). We are homeschoolers so we are really at home! I taught school for four years aftergraduating from Lakehead University in 1988. I am married to Rainer who I met at Lakehead. He is a displaced Forester who is the boatracing guide for He also runs his own business doing home renovations etc...
Kim McDougall
grad 84
Living in the Kingston area, married with 2 kids, Kirsten (age 18), Chad (age 16). We own and operate a truck stop on the 401.
Laurie Allan
grad 84
Mark Hill
grad 84 never married,no kids,no pets,no mortgage,one sports car,alot of air miles,various musical instruments,a ton of power tools.graduated >from George Brown College '92 as a Piano Technician.Currently have my own business (Hill Piano Services) servicing pianos for the great and not so great musicians of Toronto and other yet to be annexed municipalities.Still perform one night a week in Toronto at the Old York Bar and Grill.Incidently my brother is Dave(grad of 78)and 1 of his 2 lawnmowers is broken.
Michele Allan (nee Debison)
grad 84 Single mother of three living in Burlington Ontario. Hockey mom / Nascar fan. Currently working for a prominent human resources consulting firm with offices across Canada. Life has been a roller coaster and continues to have its ups and downs - but its all good. Life is about the journey, not the destination.... Would love to hear from some of the old gang to catch up & reminice about old times.
Nina Purba (Jaiswal)
grad 84 I travelled extensively overseas for 6 six years after I graduated from U of T. I'm currently living in Oakville. I am married with two children who are both almost legal adults! I work for the Peel District School Board as a principal. Looking forward to reconnecting with friends from the past.
Robert Malec
grad 84 Attended Wilfird Laurier, played varsity football there. Graduated with a BA in Phys Ed and a Business Diploma. Spent four years in the U.S. (Chicago, San Francisco). Now live in Vancouver with my wife Krysta and two young children Samantha (5 yrs) and Quinton (4 yrs). Have run my own consulting practice since 2001, Businessworks Consulting, helping my clients improve their overall business results.
Sandra Bevil (Enever)
grad 84 Residing in Bolton, Ontario
Senior Designer for Schawk where I have worked
in-house for Kellogg Canada for 10 years now.
Scott Dickinson
grad 84 I hold a PhD in biochemistry and presently (date: August 2011) work in Public Health in Sydney, Australia. Moved permanently to Australia in 1986.
Wayne Budnick
grad 84 Mississauga, programmer analyist
Andrew Murphy
grad 83 Graduated from Sheridan College. I work as VBA Programmer, Data & Reporting Analyst Consultant/Contractor. Living in Don Mills. Married 17 years.
Arlene Carter (nee Jansen)
grad 83 After high school, attended George Brown College and graduated from Nursing. I worked in Toronto for a few years and decided after my backpacking adventure in Europe to go back to school. I attended University of Guelph and graduated with my BSc. Since then, I met my husband Dave and we have 2 girls, Katrina (age 11) and Kristin (age 4). We currently live in Mississauga. I am working in cardiology research in a hospital.
Bernhard (Bernie) Stepke
grad 83  It has been so long and I would love to hear from anyone. Where has the time gone ? I have kept busy, mainly by being a perpetual student, picking up a PhD then later an MD. I am now living in North Carolina, working as a physician in the US Navy (yup, in uniform). Will marry someday, kids some other day, etc.
Brad Wiseman
grad 83
Cathy DeMola
grad 83
Cindy Holland
grad 83 or catsawaytwo@yahoo.comResiding in Mississauga, working for the Peel District School Board!
Desiree (Desi) Edmunds (ne Schwab)
grad 83 I currently reside in Burlington, Ontario, I am employed by Spacemaker Ltd as an export clerk/receptionist. I am the proud mother of 3, two daughters and 1 son.
Diane Maxworth (ne Radu)
grad 83
Don Ferry
grad 83 from the UofT in 1987 in Physics I have been working at IBM Canada in Sales. I am presently a Sales Manager. I am married with three wonderful children and live in Aurora, Ontario.
Donald Marshall
grad 83 I went onto graduate from the University of Toronto with a BSc in 1987 and, after a nearly 20 year career in Telecommunications mostly in theÊU.S.,ÊI have now settled in Mississauga and work as a managerÊfor RBC in back office functions.ÊMy wife Donna and I became proud parents of twin boys in May 2007 after trying for 16 years!! Better late than never - they are awesome and so much fun! They are the reason I stopped travelling and decided to take a job that keeps me home. I love seeing them every day. I'd love to hear from the oldÊApplewood crowd and can be found on Face Book or at
Doug Davies
grad 83 I am now living in Portland, Oregon where I completed Chiropractic College ( Class of '04 ) at Western States and now am practicing in downtown Portland at City Chiropractic. I have a wife of 14 years, Dana and two great kids Keeley 13, and Wyatt 10. After high school I went to Simon Fraser University in Vancouvergraduating with a degree in Kinesiology. While there I played four years for the Clansmen football program. I went on to play 12 years in the Canadian Football League with Hamilton, Calgary and BC. I retired in 1999 having been part of the 1992 Grey Cup champion Stampeders and living out a childhood dream.
Giuseppe (Joe) Rossano
grad 83 would love to find out where some of the other students are in Ontario or around the world. Is there a reunion for the class of  ’83 ever going to happen should it happen I will be there with Portable stereo in tow. I am currently living in Hamilton, and I own L’Aquila Electronic Systems Inc. and have for the last 15yrs. Married, two kids 18, 15 boy and girl
Irene Krosel (married Kolenko)
grad 83
irenekolenko@rogers.comTeaching in DPCDSB for 29 years. Two grown kids. Often still think of the Applewood years.
James Alcock
grad 83 I graduated from Applewood in 1983. I loved Drama and acted in various plays. I have been happily married to my wife Cathy since 1993 and have two great kids. I am an Area Sales Manager for Sleep Country Canada, and I am the Lead Singer for THEZE DAZE, and original Hard Rock band. I also front an ACDC Tribute band called Bare Rump.
Jane Bryer (nee Zielski)
grad 83 or I would love to hear from any of my old friends from those great days...too much time has gone by!!!  Igraduated from Business Admin at Loyalist College and for the last thirteen years I have been working for RBC Dominion Securities as a Licensed Associate and Branch Administrator. I still live in Belleville and have been married for 12 years and have a 10 yr old son Zachary and 5 yr old daugher Haleigh
Jennifer (nee Chink) McCreary
grad 83 Married to Dave. We have 2 boys Zachary ('90) and Alexander ('95) and another one on the way due October '05. Yes - we're crazy! Graduated from York University with Honours BA in Psychology. Still living in Applewood Heights area and Zachary is attending AHSS. Can't believe some of the old teachers are still there! Would love to hear from old friends!
Jennifer Condlln
grad 83
Kathy Thomas (maiden name - Schaefer)
grad 83 I am still living in the same general area in Mississauga and work as a legal assistant in downtown Toronto. I have been married for almost 16 years and have two boys, Michael 15 (who is in grade 10 at Applewood!) and Patrick 10."
Madeleine Marques
grad 83
Shelley Robinson
grad 83 Would love to get in touch with some of my friends. I'm a Television Director working in Sports! I have a daughter Krystianna that just rocks my world!
Shelly Gaudet
grad 83 Sheridan College 1985gradWorking for Shimmerman Penn Burns Becker, C.A.'s since 1995. Head of
Word Processing and Special Projects (email: Love to hear from some of my old friends -- it's been a long time!
Tony Conrad
grad 83
tl.conrad@ns.sympatico Living in Nova Scotia, University of Windsor, Pedorthist
Wil Adler
grad 83 Programmer (Royal Bank, Toronto, Ontario)
Bob Ciprovski
grad 82
bobbyshideaway@on.aibn.comRestaurant Owner Still in Mississauga
Daniel (Danny) Merizzi
grad 82 Living in Etobicoke. No longer married but have 2 great kids, Jackson (16) and Morgen (13). After many years contracting in IT for the big banks, I'm currently a Senior Business Analyst with Rogers in Brampton.

David McKay
grad 82
dmckay@imexcustoms.comCurrently living in West End Mississauga. After High school, went on to 3 years at Sir Sandford Fleming College - Lindsay Campus-to follow what Sandy Durish put in my head. The Love of the outdoors. Graduated Forestry Technician and Parks and Recreation Technician...All of those classes and now I am running my fathers Customs Brokerage/Freight Forwarding company. Have been doing so for 20 years. Expanding and broadening the scope to Major Entertainment Clients. Love the diversity and challenge. Met Brenda (Glen Forest Grad)in 1994 and married in 2000, We have Jessica (2001) and then Madison (2002) and then hit 40 and thought, hmmm, that's enough. You tend to get wiser as you age. My Sister Janice and brother Kenneth are still Mississauga residents and both graduated from Applewood. Having a wonderful life here in Mississauga and still bump into old friends from school here and there. Would like to catch up with others. Send a hello any time.
Jeff Breithaupt
grad 82
Karen (Bulman) Munro
grad 82
 karenhb35@hotmail.comI currently live in Peterborough,ON I am divorced with one daughter. I work with Canadian Mental Health Association.
Kelly Vance
grad 82
 kvance64@hotmail.comnow living in Lindsay, Ont, additional info available if I liked you and remembered you!!! hahaha would love to hear from any old friends!!
Laurie (Allison) McDonald

grad 82 After teaching 4 years in Tanzania (the best years we have spent anywhere!), we then moved to England for 3 more years of adventure. My husband Terry and I are geography teachers and our daughter, Allison is now 11 and in Grade 7. We returned back to Guelph in 2007 after 7 fantastic years of travel and world discovery. Allison is keeping up the musical tradition in our family by singing with the Guelph Youth Singers, playing flute, piano and recorders. Terry maintains a Geography website at as well as his photography website
Terry's photo website can be reached at and his goegraphy website at

Liana Scott (Scicluna)
grad 82 living in Brampton. Systems Development Director. Mary Kay Consultant. Married 24 years with 3 grown kids.
Linda Bradley
grad 82 Alive and well and still living in Mississauga (Meadowvale). Still working away in the Graphic Industry. Married to Jeff for 18 years - he went to Glenforest. We have 2 daughters Monica (12) and Danielle (8) and we absolutely adore them. Feel free to drop a line or two and say hello.
Lisa Lach (now Callen)
grad 82 Now married with a 21 month old girl, Siobhan. I work for the TD Bank for the past 7 years. New career in Human Resources. Was Technical Support Specialist for previous 7 years. Living in the west end of Mississauga. Would love to hear from Alumni and look forward to a 'reunion'. I am even offering to help organize it!!!!
Michael P. Oliveiro
grad 82 Retired Age 35 (Freedom 35....yes!!!)
Entered Chef School to pursue my hobby to the fullest. Now cater to Eli Lilly Reps to up keep my chef skills. My wife and I now also tutor students attending University of Toronto and edit various works they produce in Professional Writing, Linguistics and Culture, Communications and Information Technology(CCIT). Married to Dr. Lily Ho-Tai (Anaesthesia)Michael Oliveiro, 208 Russell Jarvis Drive, Markham, ON L3S 4G2
Minni (Purba) Coombs
grad 82 I graduated from U of T and began working in IT as a programmer/analyst. I am currently a DBA. My husband and I are celebrating our 25th anniversary this year. We have two girls--both in university. I still live in Mississauga and would love to hear from old friends.
Patricia Boudreau (nee D'Amico)
grad 82 Currently residing in downtown Burlington, Ontario and working as a Technical Support Manager for a software company. After graduating from Applewood in 1982, went to U of T - Erindale Campus for my BA in French and I cannot speak French! My parents still live in Mississauga, on Tomken Rd, where I grew up. After graduating U of T, I started at a leasing company in Etobicoke working in their IT department, and gradually worked to become the IT Services Manager. Now living in Burlington with my husband and son, Kyle 13, (who is the coolest kid). I have 2 step kids too who are now both away University - Paul - 24 and Emily - 19 I am writing because for the grads of 82, 2007 is our 25th year since graduation and I'd like to find out if there is a reunion being arranged. Would love to see old friends!
Paul Fowles
grad 82 Actor (Film / TV / Voice-Overs)
Rick Sakaluk
grad 82 I still live in Mississauga and am in partnership with my father and brother in a home base metal fabrication and machining brokerage firm.  I'm still single and STILL looking for Miss Right!  Unfortunately after high school I lost touch with most of my friends so if remember me and want to write and say hello, I would love to hear from you!
Susan Huff
grad 82 After graduating from AHSS went to McMaster and then Nipissing for B. Ed...currently teaching at Forest Glen P.S. Have been with the Peel board for 21 years (as of fall 2008). Married to Fred, nice guy, you'd like him too! He designs and builds custom cabinetry...luck me. His website <> We have one child, Evan, he just turned 2! Yes, we've had him a little late in life, but miracles do happen! Living in the Beach area in Toronto and loving it! Would love to keep in touch with friends from the past. Can also be contacted through facebook. Stay well everyone!
Alan Dick
grad 81
Alan.Dick@cacky.comAftergraduating, went onto Sheridan College andgraduated from the Business Administration program. Went to work for a Paris-based aluminum company, and have stayed in the aluminum industry ever since. Left Toronto for Vancouver in 1996, and then moved to Louisville Kentucky in 1998, where I currently live with Sherry, my wife of 14 years.
Barbara (Fleck) Cogan

grad 81 I'm teaching elementary music/drama/dance in Peel and living in Meadowvale. Married to Steve, a Journalist/Professor at Centennial College, and have 2 daughters. I keep busy with the handbell choirs at Eden UC, the Mississauga Festival Choir, and tap dancing (seriously!).
Carol Jarvis
grad 81
Cynthia Jones (nee:Cindy Mavrou)
grad 81
Cynthiajones2005@gmail.comI left high school and got married. Lived in Toronto, Thornhill and have been back in Mississauga for 21 years. My husband and I are officially "empty nesters". We have a boy and a girl who are happy home owners of there own. Actually, we are the happy I have been a realtor for Royal LePage Meadowtowne for 11 years. Life is good!
Don Dawson
grad 81 I live in Yorkville and have been a researcher at the Toronto Reference Library for more than 20 years now.
Donna Munshaw
grad 81 Still living & working in Mississauga. Single mom taking care of 2 wonderful girls. Samantha is 16 - plays girls hockey for Mississauga (10 years now) - and Jordan who is going to be 13 (plays lacrosse-full contact-with boys) - needless to say - keeps me busy (and somewhat out of trouble) !! Would love to see all my old friends !!!!!!!! We nned a reunion !!! 
Doug Ramshaw grad 81 President of my own corporation.
I have resided in Mississauga my entire life and currently live in Lorne Park
Married for 30 years. 2 boys 24 and 26 years old.
Still passionate for Alpine ski racing and Cars.( I have a few old and new)

Looking forward to seeing old faces from the past.
Elizabeth Zaharkiv-Yemetz (Zacharkiw)
grad 81 I now live in Burbank, California. We sold our apartment building in Glendale back in spring of 2003 and we bought a large house finally. I got married on July 12/03 to my husband George.We've been married 3 years now and we have a beautiful baby boy- Roman Anthony. He is 15 months old and we plan to try for a little girl soon. I'm still in the fashion design business. It's been quite slow the past few years, but, still going. My husband is a commercial actor and our son just got representation too. I'm still trying to get an agent myself. My harp has gone a bit on the back burner but, it will be back. I would still love to see more of my classmates show up on the list. How is everyone doing?!
Enzo Franze
grad 81
Franco Rinaldin
grad 81 Married to Liz (Piworowicz) Rinaldin, also class of '81. Living in Waterdown, Ontario for the past 11 years. Co-owner & Senior Partner in a boutique recruitment firm with offices in Oakville and North York, Certified as a Coaching Practitioner and registered with the Certified Coaches Federation. I provide Business, Career and Life Coaching to professionals seeking or experiencing transitions in their careers and their lives.
Gary Kokot
grad 81 Hello there fellow axemen(and women) Igraduatedgrade 13 in the class of '81and wondered if anyone out there remembered me(I kept a pretty low profile).At the beginning of the year I moved to Pasadena California and although I like it here(especially the weather) I feel more Canadian than ever.I hope the class of '81 is healthy,happy and wise.
Geri (Slavin) Johnston
grad 81 Married my husband Cam in 1987 and moved to Ottawa in 1988. Meghan, our 16 year old is in Grade 11 at Canterbury High School in the Literary Arts program and learning to drive. Becca is 14 and has just started the same program in Grade 9. Hard to believe we have two in High School! After graduating from Queens, I worked with IBM for 9 years and then took a buyout package to stay home with the girls. In 1998 my sister Patti, class of ’84, and I opened Gymboree Play and Music facility in Ottawa. Brothers Bill, class of ’80, is married with two children leaving in Calgary and Joe, class of ’82, married and living in Edmonton.
Gregory Cox
grad 81 Living in New Westminster, BC. Married with two fantastic girls and living my dream. Love to hear from everybody.
Ingrid Girdauskas
grad 81 Currently working in the capaicity of Manager, Program Co-ordination for Economic Development for the City of Toronto.  I have been working with the City for the last 25 years!
Jim Cochrane
grad 81 I am owner of "Canadian Burner & Boiler" and am currently living in Georgetown. I'm active doing things such as Cave exploration, underwater photography, motorbikes, mountaineering.... and more. Never had time for a family so I use my Nephews and Nieces as placebos.
I have traveled greatly in Central America. When I was in the Military I served in Peace Keeping Posting over seas. I would be great to reconnect with friends of past
Julia (Julie Brown) Whyte
grad 81 My husband and three kids live in Brampton. Presently I am a supply teacher with the Peel Board, elementary division. I only work two days a week and stay home with our youngest child the other days.
Karen Knuude
grad 81 Currently live in Mississauga Ontario. and work as a  buyer for  Brenntag Canada ( Chemicals Company )  for the past 18 years.. I am divorce but I have a daughter who will be turning 12 soon
Ken Roebuck
grad 81
kenr@yaltacorp.comLiving life; Sandra and I welcomed our first grandchild - Reid - in January. Our daughter, the youngest, was married june 2015. We live in south Mississauga and are blessed with three adult ‘children’. Officially, the nest is empty.
Kim Renton
grad 81 B.A. R.N I am married to the same guy since 1989, and all is well. We have 2 children Hannah and Jacob and live in Mississauga. I am co-owner and President of  KAPPS Aesthetic Training. We teach Physicians how to inject BOTOX cosmetic and Facial fillers …so the fact that we all are getting older is a good thing for me!
Laurie (Slavin) Mitchell
grad 81 I married John (the Dr.) Mitchell in 1987. We have 3 great kids: Katie, almost 14, John James, 11 and Douglas 10. We moved to Burlington 8 years ago and are very happy here.  I have ended up working in a highschool and I must say it is an interesting place to work. We spend a lot of our time at various hockey rinks, swimming pools and just generally enjoying life. I would love to hear from anyone and find out what you're up to.
Lianne Sherriff

grad 81 I am an RN, Lactation Consultant, Doula, Midwife/wannabe! and a Figure Skating Coach! I have four home educated kids, Travis(10), Dustin (7), Mackenzie(5), and Griffin (18months), and have not yet lost my mind! Married to Warren , we live in Newmarket and spend most of our waking hours on various ice surfaces. I no longer play the clarinet (sorry Clive!) or run cross-country but I am working on my Diamond Dances for Skate Canada (Victor Kraatz--here I come!).
Lisa Priestley
grad 81 Married, 2 children, 2 small town Ontario. B.A., B.ed, Mediator.
Life is good!
Liz (Piworowicz) Rinaldin
grad 81 Married to Franco Rinaldin, also class of '81. Living in Waterdown, Ontario for the past 11 years.  Still close friend of Esthelle LeClair, class of '80.  
Lorna Shortill (Beattie)
grad 81 I currently live in Pickering, Ontario with my husband of 10 years, Barry, and our 2 cats. I worked in the insurance industry for 18 years but have spent the last 4 years working in the local library. I am also a Decorative Artist and have enjoyed displaying my work in the Durham Region.  
Lorraine LaHay (Gahs)
grad 81 now living in Bracebridge
Melissa Farquhar
grad 81 I am married with two children (ages 16 and 18) and am currently working as the practice manager at my husband's veterinary clinic in Guelph.
Orest Szot
grad 81
oszot@rogers.commarried high school sweetheart Sylvia in ’87 and have three wonderful children. Travelled the world building my career and now currently with Miller Thomson LLP. Am a golf nut and always game for a round.
Patricia (aka Patsy/Pat) Marshall nee Stogrin
grad 81 I currently live in Newmarket, ON (2 yrs now) with my sweetie-pie - Ward (who works for CGI). Some of you may remember me as the President of Student Council, involved in music/stage and various sports.  I had a very successful career in the Trade Show industry (may know the name COMDEX and/or Internet World) which took me all over North America. Yet, unfortunately stress and epilepsy ended that and I am currently on disability. I married my AHSS sweet-heart - Colin Marshall and 23 yrs later, like my business career, it ended. I currently have no "real" kids but two cats - Evil and FatCat. I love this sight for reading up on people I do remember (or not oops) and will forward to all other AHSS Alumni that I currently keep in touch with.
Peter Chronowic

grad 81 Chartered Accountant with Nortel in Raleigh N.C.
Phil Lamantia

grad 81 Mississauga
Ruth (MacLean) Boyd
grad 81
ruth.boyd.vmh@gmail.comMarried my best friend Rick in 1983 (Glenforest grad), twin girls born in 1995. Enjoy Dental Assisting In Guelph, and living in Breslau.
Susan Fisher (nee Gardner)
grad 81

kevlargloves@hotmail.comI now live in Brampton. Recently (2014) divorced. Two wonderful offspring:Braedon 19, and Jessica 17. Completed my BA at U of T. Continued on to U of T Faculty of Education where I graduated from in 1986. Currently have the job I wanted since I was 5 years old as a police constable with The Toronto Police Service. Been with TPS since the beginning of 1987. Now at 23 Division in north Etobicoke/Rexdale. I am on the road and answer the various radio calls. I am also on Facebook as Sue Gardner. Looking forward to hearing from other AHSS grads.

Sylvia (Abols) Szot
grad 81
sszot@rogers.commarried high school sweetheart Orest in ’87. Have three wonderful children and live in Etobicoke. A plant and garden enthusiast, I have worked at Sheridan Nurseries on Burnhamthopre Rd for the past 4 years.
Tammy Latanville
grad 81
Vincent Vetro
grad 81 trying to connect with my class of 1981 to set up a reunion.
Alyson Soko
grad 80 I went on to graduate from the Ivey School of Business at Western, and now own a boutique executive search firm in Toronto, focusing on recruiting middle and senior managers in commercial real estate and financial services. I live in North Toronto with my husband, five daughters and two dogs!
Carl Bayer grad 80 Live in Mississauga. Electrical Inspector with Electrical Safety Authority.
Carla Martini
grad 80 City: Giavera del Montello, Treviso Italy Occupation: Highschool English Teacher, wife and mother of three. 
Deborah (nee Grant) Salmons

grad 80 Currently living in Georgina. My accounting practice is growing. Bob and I are enjoying our grandchildren. All three were born in 2004 - my twins, (Mike & Diana) Cheryl, Mike's wife and Diana had different due dates, but ended up giving us granddaughters on the same day - Feb 14th. Nine months later our other son, Andrew and his wife Stephanie gave us a grandson Nov 11th.

If you are ever in Georgina - please drop in.
Esthelle Le Clair
grad 80 Still living in Mississauga!
Frank Caramanda
grad 80 Working - 1980 to present Married - 1984 to present Father - 1990 to present 18 - til I die
Heather Sargent
grad 80 now living in Orillia Ont I have my own business I supply lobsters across the world. Before that I was in the foodservice industry in sales 25 yrs... Single with 2 kids who are now 19 and 21. Life is great would love to connect with my old friends from the best school check out the website for a pic it’s not a good one lol
Jay Ciccarelli
grad 80
jay.ciccarelli@teradata.comGraduate of York University working as a Managing Partner for 15 years for a software application consulting service firm. Married 19 years with 4 children living in Newmarket Ontario. Played Football (badly) for the Axemen and Baseball (yes we had a team coached by Alf Cowling) and was Student Council President in my Grade 13 year (not sure how I wasn’t impeached). Likely best known for organizing ski trips to Mt St Anne and Jay Peak Vermont. Hoping there is a 50th Anniversary.
Karin Pachler
grad 80 Live in Mississauga, working in a dental clinic for 23 years as a Dental Hygienist. I have in the dental field for almost 28 years. Office is located in Brampton. Still love this field as the first day I walked into it. Have a wonderful daughter who is 6 years who is my life. Love to hear from the crowd and to keep in touch.
Laura Quick
grad 80 I now live in B.C. My husband and I own a communications business. My hometown is Mississauga, Ontario. Homepage for business is under construction.
Liz Manore (nee Legget)
grad 80 I live in Oakville with my husband Mark of 12 years and we have two boys aged 5 and 10. I have my own business as a Professional Home and Office Organizer (see website I would like to hear from staff or grads who would like to catch up on life. Life is great!
Lori Berehula (Caister)

grad 80 from Sheridan College in 1982. Currently Order Administrator/Purchasing Coordinator/Chief-Cook-And-Bottlewasher/Office Manager. I feel I'm part of the fixture being at ABB Instrumentation Inc. for 13 wonder years....not. Married, mother of one daughter, Cori aged 12.
Lynda Amodeo-Thomson
grad 80
lynda.amodeo-thomson@mh.ccac-ont.caAs you can see, my maiden name is “Amodeo”. There were 4 “Amodeo” at Applewood. I was the 1st to roam those halls. There was also Elizabeth, MaryAnne and Elaine. I am an RN and have lived and worked in Cozumel Mexico, Corpus Christi Texas and here at home. We were gone close to 20 yrs and have been back home nearly 6 yrs. Like they say, “There is no place like home”. I would love to connect with old friends and teachers.
Mike Megaffin
grad 80 Looking forward to catching up with some old friends. Send me an email. Mike

Randy Adison (Scicluna)

grad 80 New Media Web Producer in Mississauga
Randy Crampton

grad 80 Living in Red Lake Ont. (turn the road map over and look in the top left hand corner) working for the Ontario Government, Ministry of Natural Resources in the Fire Management Branch (forest fire fighter).  Recently married to a local girl, Kathy Nelson.  Would really enjoy getting e-mails from high school friends
Randy Pilon
grad 80• After a successful 14 year career at global eye care leader BAUSCH & LOMB , most recently as a Vice President in the core vision care sector, Randy became CEO and Founder of Virox Technologies Inc, a Ontario based startup in the infection control sector. The company has 7 global patents and as many pending utilizing Hydrogen Peroxide to disinfect hands, surfaces and devices and licenses the technology to industry leaders such as Sealed Air (Diversey Care), Bayer, Bissell, P&G, DEB Group and Steris to name a few.
• Randy is a graduate of the Sheridan College business program (1982), the Queens School of Business Executive Program (1995), the Rotman School of Business at the University of Toronto MBA program (2004) and the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD.D designation) Corporate Governance program at U of T Rotman (2005). Most recently, Randy was bestowed with an Honorary Bachelor of Arts Degree from Sheridan College (2007) and attended Harvard Business School ‘s Strategic Planning and Competitive Advantage Course (2007).
• Randy also received the prestigious “You Speak, We Listen” award at Rotman. Voted on by peers and faculty and bestowed on a single student who was determined to contribute the most relevant and real world perspective to the class, with the premise that we can learn much from each other.
• Randy was on the Board of Governors of the Sheridan Polytechnic Institute (2008-2012).
• Randy is married and a father of 2 daughters born 1987 & 1997, and one son born in 1990.
Reg Vertolli

grad 80 The years spent at AHSS were the wonder years. The students, teachers and friends helped me become what I am today. I hope that you all are well and happy. I was the kid with the Pentax camera around my neck making photos for the yearbook (1976 to 1980).I still take photos, I'm a photo director looking after several community papers west of Toronto. Married with two kids living in Streetsville.
Susan Johnson (nee Stell)
grad 80 Graduated from Applewood in 80 or 81 I am not sure. Have 2 boys live in Bailieboro Ontario
Tim O'Halloran
grad 80 Vancouver BC
Tom Grantis
grad 80
tgrantis@cogeco.caIgraduated from the University of Waterloo in 1985 in Kinesiology, then from the University of Western Ontario with my B.Ed. in 1987. I now live in St. Catharines, with my wife Sue and my two boys Jamie (age 13) and Michael (age 11). I am the Head of the Health and Physical Education department at A.N. Myer Secondary School in Niagara Falls, where I have been for the past nine years.
Victor Mio
grad 80 I have tried to balance my life as an educator, composer, keyboardist and instrument builder. I'm married to Raffaella and I often think back to my days at Applewood; especially the music, the teachers and, of course, the friends. It was a fantastic time! To get to know more about what I’ve been up to, please visit my website at:
Victor Mio
grad 80 I have tried to balance my life as an educator, composer, keyboardist and instrument builder. I'm married to Raffaella and I often think back to my days at Applewood; especially the music, the teachers and, of course, the friends. It was a fantastic time! To get to know more about what I’ve been up to, please visit my website at:
Brian Marshall
Carolyn Marshall
Elizabeth Gyorkos
Glen Marshall
Nancy Mackereth (now Nancy Ng) Consultant in communications/sales/marketing for my own company, Lan Si Inc. Just built a house by Edward's Gardens and have a 4 year old son born in 2000. Married since May 8th, 1997 to Joseph in Maui, Hawaii. Love to travel to China and also consult with Chinese based companies.


Grads From the Sixties and Seventies

Grads from the New Millenium, Nineties, Eighties,and Sixties and Seventies

Student Name
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Grad Year

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Katy Cox (Catherine Robillard now!)

grad 79 

catherine.robillard@home.comgraduated from Queen's in '83. I am presently living in Victoria, B.C. with my husband, Francois who designs computer games, and 3 kids, (Suzanne, 12; Benjamin ,11; and Luke, 8). I am a music and french teacher for the Saanich School Board, presently doing on call work.
Mel Neville

grad 79? Well in 79 I joined the Army and I am still serving (almost 31 years), god how the time has flown. Been to places that are nice and places I want to forget. This summer I will call it a career and find a place to grow my hair ( been short for a few years) and just reflect. As we age we reflect on our past. Must admit had fond memories of Applewood. Believe me I was a lazy student, achieved the marks I had too as I knew what the line in the sand was so shot for that ( I know don't preach). One thing in this job is that the line in the sand will not cut it. Have made a great career out of the military and believe a better citizen due to people like you and friends I met at an early age. I would be interested in meeting other students of my vintage. My biggest short falls is names ( believe it is syco-symatic for me).
Bradley Harding

grad 79

z1@turningshop.caI graduated from U of T in 1983 in Mechanical Engineering. I have been married to my wife Karen for 20 years now and have 3 boys; ages 19, 17, and 15. I live and work in Aurora, Ontario.
Claude Limberger

grad 79 Born in London Ont. Currently living in Mississauga, Occupation: Running three businesses but throwing that all away to pursue my dream as a writer and movie maker. Currently have three books and written or collaborated on 110 screenplays. Made my first movie Three on a See Saw (a sex comedy) with many more on the way. Check this website out Love to hear from anyone from the past! Still in active contact with Peter Barthel, Les Gondor, and Ron Huber.

David Roebuck

grad 79 Currently living in Toronto with my wife Jane and last remaining (16 year old) child at home. We have two other children living in London England, one working and one at University of Bournemouth. Went to University of Waterloo as preparation for a teachers degree but ended up in the business world in sales and executive management. Since graduating U of W in 1984 our travels have taken us to Dallas Texas, Toronto, Cambridge, Vancouver, Oakville, London England, and back to Toronto. I retired from corporate life in 2006 with the last 10 years as CEO of Lindt Chocolates Great Britain & Ireland to pursue two of my two passions, golf and operating my own business. Golf turns out to be OK with 60 to 80 rounds played each year and handicap drifting downwards to the 12 to 14 Êrange - and we have Êstarted our own business, ENJO Clean the World. Ð Cleaning without Chemicals. ÊÊIf you are looking for a way to clean your home without using any chemicals, ENJO products Ð fibres and just tap water - Êare for you.
Donna Pilcher

grad 79

 blazingstar01@hotmail.comI attended Applewood from 1975 andgraduated in 1979. I played on the Field Hockey Team during my high school years and still have my team jacket hanging in the closet for memories.I now live in Woodville, Ontario on a farm with my better half, Don.
My menagerie includes horses, dogs, cats, cows...and one mean bull.I have worked at Fleetwood Canada in Lindsay for many years.I have a daughter, Kristy - 21 years old, attending Queens University in Kingston (hoping to be a doctor).Would love to hear from anyone from our era......Let's do a reunion..........My email is (named after my favourite horse, of course) or  Quote from 1979 (after every mornings announcements "have a good a productive day!"
Frank Cassano

grad 79 I now live in Oakville and have been married to Pina for 30 years. Loved my days at Applewood and now work for Labourers International Union of North America.
Jayne-Ann Steele

grad 79

Ja@jateele.caOh the sunny days of AHSS. I went on to Western (BSW) and then UofT for my Masters (MSW) and spent much of my career at Queen’s Park with various ministries focusing on public policy. I married Sam Goodwin in 1992 and we have two boys – Alec (20) at U of Chicago in Economics and Jack (16) at Etobicoke Collegiate in Grade 11. Since 2005 I have run my own business providing private case management for seniors and have had the pleasure of working with some of the parents of the old Applewood crowd.
Jim Fischer

grad 79 Etobicoke, Ont
John Smiciklas

grad 79
Oakville, Management System Auditor, KPMG
Kevin Freeman

grad 79 Lived in Mississauga from 1970 to 1977, and consequently spent 1974 to 1977 at AHSS, when the family up and moved me to London ON for a couple of years. Attended U of T for a year of fun, good times and the Blind Duck in 1980 then got serious and did 3 years at Sheridan College in Oakville, where I currently reside with my wife of 10 years and 7 yr old son.
Been working with Livingston Intl in Etobicoke in IT (word to the wise: stay away from mid-sized IT shops unless you can get into upper mgmt quickly I didn't learn that until it was too late) and spent a year in Bermuda working in 1997. Lots of fun but the job didn't turn out the way it was supposed to.
Springsteen, Formula 1, Oakville soccer and Little League baseball occupy a majority of my non-working hours, my dear wife and our 2 hounds command the rest.
I'm amazed at the names here that I remember; drop me a line if my name piques your memory!
Leslie Kofman (nee Monkton)

grad 79 I"m divorced with two children, Brit 10 and T 11. Working as a category manager for the major drug store chain. Hobbies include auto racing, scuba diving in the South China Sea.
Linda Alcock (nee Webb)

grad 79 I am living in Mississauga, in fact, I live 1 block north of AHSS and have done so for the last 15 years (call me the poster child for change). I am married to a musician/computer geek - Doug, with 2 kids (Gordon 23 and Allison 18) and a 4 yr. old black lab named Bayley. After Grade 13, I spent a year at UofT and then headed off to Laurentian U in Sudbury to finish my BA in English and Philosophy. I've been working in the electrical utility industry for my entire career, the last 17 years of which have been spent in human resources. I obtained my HR certification (CHRP) from Rotman, UofT in 2001. However, my real passion is travelling all over Canada and the US in our '84 Westfalia camper van and attending folk music festivals. I'd love to hear from other AHSS alum.
Lisa Bletcher

grad 79

bletcher@sympatico.caWorked as a social worker for 15 years, an elementary school teacher for 10 & now tutor for Totally Tutors & volunteer at the Children's Aid Society. Married 26 yrs, live in Bloor West Village, Toronto, have 2 sons in their early twenties, oldest is a journalist & youngest a university student. Sadly, my brother Paul died in 2008. I keep active, travel lots & socialize whenever I can. Two of my best friends, Bernadette Lonergan & Cherie MacNeill are also '79 Applewood grads. Looking forward to attending the 50th Reunion.
Nick Colella

grad 79 Where do I even start? I can honestly say that my time spent at Applewood provided memories which have been etched in my mind from the day I lived them with the many friends I made through the various bands in the music program.  Living in west Mississauga now and running a moderately successful consulting business. I would enjoy hearing from anyone that cares to drop me a line.
Perry Catena

grad 79

perry.catena@investorsgroup.comLiving in Fenwick, Ontario (Niagara region). Work at Investors Group since 1983. Married to Joanne my high-school sweetheart. Life is good
Peter Barthel

grad 79 Married, 1 child Amanda 8 yrs, living in Toronto Start the new job in the Computer Department at Mount Sinai Hospital shortly.
Sally Warburton

grad 79
Sanjiv Purba

grad 79 Sanjiv went to the University of Toronto and graduated with a degree in Computer Science and a minor in Politics. He taught Information Technology courses and programs at Ryerson University, Humber College, and the University of Toronto Part Time while gaining fulltime industry experience at Deloitte Consulting, IBM, Microsoft, and Goldman Sachs. As a CIO and Project Delivery Executive at Home Trust, implemented the first SAP core banking solution in North America. He has done alot of travelling around the world. Is a principal with RetroRare Collectibles a memorabilia store based in Mississauga. Sanjiv has written or edited 18 text books on different topics such as project management, data bases, consulting, and sports. Has also written lots of articles for different publications including The Globe and Mail and the Toronto Star. Sanjiv is married with wonderful children and pets. Still in touch with some good friends from the Applewood days.
Stephen Venner

grad 79
Theseus Wallace

grad 79 Married to a wonderful woman from St. Vincent & the Grenadines. I now have two stepsons. One lives with us and the other lives in the USA. I am a computer consultant/web designer/Tech Support specialist. (I never did like specializing :-P ) Currently living in Toronto. Drop me a line!
Wayne Banon

grad 79 Hello Again Applewood. Great to see some of the other names on this list. Hard to believe it has been over 30 Years this year since AHSS. I am Living in and currently Working for the City of Toronto in the Transportation Services Division doing Emergency & Business Planning. I am a Registered Professional Planner (RPP) and Member of Canadian Institute of Planners (MCIP). Still playing Ice Hockey but I have given up the dream of someday playing in the NHL. Although, I have long since given up on the Leafs as I am now a die hard Chicago Blackhawks Fan.
Barbara Sawyer

grad 78 Presently living in Burlington,On. Two girls all grown up. Work in the field of Children’s Mental Health.
Bruce Dickinson

grad 78

 rbdickinson@mindspring.comI have been living and working in North Carolina since the fall of 1978. I am agraduate of the University of North Carolina - Charlotte with a Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering. I am married to a wonderful woman named Angela and have a terrific son Christopher. I own my own business in consulting Environmental and Civil Engineering and my wife owns a graphic design business.
Bruce Masewich

grad 78 Still in Mississauga (Clarkson).  Got married in '91. Still married - seems like 91 years. Have a son - born in '96, golden retriever (that's a dog for those who "graduated" like I did) and a continued desire for the Toronto Maple Leafs to win the Cup!  Growing old.  Going bald. Gaining weight. Work for a Corporate training company. I head up the Business Division in the Western Hemisphere. Dom Vetro heads up our Global Educational Division. Still see lots of Applewoodites.  
Cathy Fraser (now Gill)

grad 78 Currently live in Kinnelon NJ with husband, Don, and 2 kids, Bryan 16 & Carolyn 14. Grad from UWO in Economics '82. Worked mostly in telecom in Toronto, then relocated to Baltimore MD for 5 yrs, and relocated to NJ now 5+ yrs. I'm working for Verizon in IT & Don is with Air BP. We miss Toronto but love NYC. Don misses Hockey Night in Canada! Really enjoyed the reunion that Eileen & Kathryn organized a few yrs ago! Keep in touch.
Cindy Bean

grad 78 Still living in Brampton, I work for the Peel School Board with Special Needs Children. I am common-law with Walter Rudkin whom also works for the School Board. I have a daughter Kate that is soon graduating from Lorne Park Secondary.
Clark Kooning

grad 78
Claudia Hansley (Aenishanslin)

grad 78 Went to Europe, graduated from nursing program in Zuerich, Switzerland, travelled, worked as a marketing assistant, till 1997. Came back to Ontario, did some nursing upgrades, currently RN in TEGH (TO east end) in diagnostic imaging! Had a kid late, currently single mom to 14 year old son!
Craig Ellis

grad 78

 no-fps@cogeco.caMarried and with three children, two who are now in High School themselves, all I can say is the Applewood community was a great place to grow and learn.  This website is a fantastic way to keep interested alumni updated with current happenings in the old neighbourhood. Excellent effort!   Craig Ellis Burlington, ON
Dave Hill

grad 78 BA Western 82, MA RMC 85, in the Royal Canadian Navy 17 yrs. Former CEO Winnipeg Parking Authority. Frequent world traveller, consultant on the lecture circuit. Still married, original wife, several dogs, just 2 kids left at home now; we live on a ranch in Water Valley, Alberta, 1 ¸ hr NW of Calgary in the foothills, near Banff, mountains on one side, river valley on the other. Lions and tigers and bears nearby. If you find your way to Calgary and want to ride a horse to the saloon, give us a call.
Eileen Leversedge (nee Taylor)

grad 78

 telever@sympatico.caI currently live in Ottawa where I teach Music for Young Children. I have a wonderful husband and 2 great girls.
Fae Shaw

grad 78 I live in Kelowna BC. I came out here 25 years ago; I  spent a couple of years in Vancouver but the mountains, the beaches and the peaches called me back . My husband Hajime and I have two daughters,a 20yr old at UVIC in 3rd yr  chem and a 15 yr old in gr 9 making me remember high school days.Wish I had heard about the reunion.Are there any pictures out there? Love to hear from friends back then !
Frank Etwell

grad 78 Currently residing in Cambridge, ON. Married in 83’ 3 kids, spent 15 years in the Maritimes (no, not in prison). Remember some great people and times at Applewood.
Frank Prosia

grad 78 still living in mississauga. Wish I stayed at Applewood for grade 13 but partying at that age seemed more sensible. Grew up shortly thereafter and had a good life. Always wondered what freedom 55 was, got lucky, sold my company and now retired. Wishing everyone who reads this great health
Karen Gill (McIlwee)

grad 78 I am now living in Sarnia, Ontario after travelling the country with my husband's job at Imperial Oil. I have 3 daughters. Bethany, 22, has just graduated from McMaster. Carly and Laura (twins) are entering their 3rd year at the University of WIndsor where they both run on the Varsity cross country and track teams. My husband Doug (from Mimico) and I will be celebrating our 28th anniversary this fall. I am teaching full time for the Lambton Kent District School board and loving it. Just reading everyone's names brings back many fun memories. My mom still lives in the Markland Woods area so I pass by the school every once in a while and think about all of the trouble we managed to get into back then. Thanks for the memories.
Karen Mary McKeague (Flint)

grad 78

 artmckeague@sympatico.caGreat sight! Some of the names bring back great memories. I now have 2 young boys and I am a single mom working in the IT sector and taking one day at a time. It would be nice to hear from some of the old gang.
Kathryn Froh (Johnston)

grad 78

katenray@gmail.comI live and work in Mississauga. I work for a small biotech firm that manufactures viral antigens for use in diagnostic test kits. My children are now grown and living in Edmonton and Europe.

Linda Marshall

grad 78

 mardck@netscape.netWent to Sheridan college for E.C.E. Living in Mississauga with two girls 10 at Silver creek Public and 12 at the Valley's I have enjoyed going through the web page and seeing the familiar names hope to see some from the old gang. Kevin Mckee, Paula Dancy ...
Maureen Delpippo (Landon)

grad 78 Artist, Toronto, Ontario

Meri Marzi

grad 78
Nancy Munro Williams

grad 78 I attended Ryerson 1979-81 (Journalism), and decided the Travel industry was more my style. I worked at Peel Travel/Medallion Holidays 1980-86, then moved to Air Canada/Gemini/Galileo Agency Automation 1986-2002. I got laid-off (after 9/11) due to downsizing er...right-sizing. DANG, I loved that job! I tried out a different career to find a fit: Centennial College grad (Hons.) Personal Support Worker: Longterm Care (3 years) (nope, not enough staff to handle the ever-increasing aging population (and DON'T get me started on that subject!)). I've been married for 28 years to Stephen Williams (Victoria Park SS), and live in Scarborough (Rouge Hill) with our lab/retriever mix Zoe (she sends licks). I still keep in touch with Dave Hill, Cathy Fraser Gill, Lynn Pryer, Dave Lewis and a few others. I fondly remember my time at Applewood especially working on the Yearbook. Gosh, we were so young and thought we knew it all.
Pam Monkman

grad 78 or xpetervi@ssimicro.comAlive and well, living for the last 19 years in Yellowknife, NT.  I'd love to hear from some of my old classmates.
Paul McKee

grad 78 Some of the fondest memories of my life happened at Applewood. Although I continue to be very active in local theatre, I knew there would not likely be a living in acting. Private radio broadcasting was my true calling and (first) career choice. There isn't much money in smaller market radio either so it's a labour of love. With Honours from Humber College Broadcasting, my first professional on-air shift was 1981. I knew I was hooked. Since then I have worked on-air or produced in Sarnia, London and Ottawa. All these years later I host the Saturday Night Jazz and Blues show here at CJCD Yellowknife. Still a labour of love.
Although "they" said it couldn't be done, I have a BSoc degree from U of Ottawa (never too old to learn). I've done part-time teaching, been a media consultant and developed marketing plans for several non-profit groups.
I'm currently a full-time Captain in the Army as a Staff Officer for Cadet Support Unit (Northern) in Yellowknife. My work takes me to some pretty off-the-map places here in the north and I travel south quite often. There are still so many places to visit both in and out of Canada. Come on up to Yellowknife! You make the most out of winter and summertime is beautiful. Thanks for the memories and the opportunity.
Rita Iafrate

grad 78 Currently living in Mississauga, with my wonderful Husband John, and my 2 Awesome sons, Bradley & Dylan. Still working with #1 Lighting company, Project Coordinator. Also volunteering with school, church and a few youth organizations. Great memories at old Applewood...still make a point to drive by the school with my kids when I'm in the neighbourhood and reminisce about the good old days...ohhh to be young again!!!!
Scott May

grad 78 I've been living in Vernon, BC since 1991 (many of you figured I'd head back to BC one day) where the rest of my family are as well. I've been working with youth for the past 17 years, the last 15 with the same agency. For the past 11 years I've been a Youth Substance Abuse Counsellor... helping high risk youth who are struggling with addictions or are experiencing some serious consequences due to their use. That being said I still let my hair down now and then. I'm single but have been living with the same woman for several years. Hard to describe our relationship... roommates/best friends/old married couple. We have 2 children... well okay, we have 2 cats but we call them our children and that's what grandma got a pic of this last Mother's Day. :-) I'm not the wee, skinny guy most of you would remember. I seem to have "filled out" somewhat in the past 20 years... while my bastage brothers remains bean poles!!! *shrug* For fun I/I'm: golf, learning to cook Texas BBQ (have a big-ass smoker in the back yard.... mmmmmmmm...RIBS & BRISKET!), camp/fish, ski, build computers, online gaming, get together with friends for evenings out or weekends away. However if I could devote my time to one thing it would definitely be GOLF! *sigh* Not for a while yet I'm afraid. Anyway, I'd really love to get in touch with so many of my old friends and acquaintances from Mississauga and my school days. I have wonderful memories of those times (holy sh*t... do I sound like I'm in mid-life???) and would like to reconnect with you all. I hope to hear from you soon.
Stefan Wereszczynsky

grad 78
Terry Spykers

grad 78
Tom Delamere

grad 78 Professor of Recreation and Tourism Management at Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo, BC. For the details on what I've been up to since AHSS (and they might even be up to date), have a look at Life is good out here on the Left Coast…I am playing the baritone saxophone with the Nanaimo Musicians' Association Big Band, the Vancouver Island Saxophone Quartet, and a horde of hockey-mad bari sax players called the Pocket Rockets Community-based campus radio also takes up big chunk of my time, well at least the time of my alter ego DJ Doc. Tune in to and listen online between 5 – 8 pm Pacific Time Friday nights for the Impending Loom or get your Saturday started (8 – 10 am Pacific Time) with a little bit of jazz on Vitamin J I can vouch for the quality of Dave Hill's sandbags…just don't try and park illegally in Winnipeg!

Warren Huff

grad 78
Will Pakstas

grad 78 Didn't graduate at Applewood.Finished at Gordon Graydon.What a nightmare!Graduated Canadore College,North Bay,On.Aircraft Maintenance Technology.'81.Spent 4 long year's in bush camps all over the Arctic maintaining helicopters.Packed it in and became a Firefighter in Toronto in '86.Living in Collingwood,ON. with my wife and 3 great kids.Thinking of moving to New Brunswick,home of my lovely wife.Looking forward to the commute.
Bill Danylchuk

grad 77 Living in Kitchener for the last 18 years. Graduated from Sheridan Architectural Technologist many years ago. An Estimator now for Harron's Building Center in New Dundee , married to a school teacher with three daughters and a son.
Still have nightmares of losing our playoff football game to Streetsville by a single point with a missed field goal from the 15. We could have kicked it through the end zone for the single point....Right Tony Kosel ?? ahhhhh!! That year we would have had both Senior & Juniors in the finals at the CNE. Wanted it bad & too close... so many years ago.

Qualifying for the Toronto  Maple Leaf Indoor Games at Maple Leaf Gardens coming 4th in the Province... Mike Zoltec, Dominic Vetro and Bill Shutt.......Man did we move that day!!

The years at Applewood were four of the best years of my life!!!
Brad Dempsey

grad 77
Brent R Lockwood

grad 77

 navalbuoy@hotmail.comHi everyone, Have spent the past 20 years in the Navy. Still having fun...and still have my original liver! Check my web page for more info.
Brian Gilchrist

grad 77 Miss those high school days. Football, friends, intramurals, cars and girls. Some of the best years of my life. Living in Bolton Ontario, with my wife Debbie and daughters Lyndsay and Julie. I own DYPLEX Communications Ltd. We manufacture and distribute intelligence devices for government agencies and special operations tactical communications headsets. I stay in touch with several old school friends but I would like to hear from any of the old crew. 
Bruno Roder

grad 77

 broder@expressvu.comHello Applewood I am the senior French Technical Service Rep. at Bell ExpressVu satellite systems.After moving back from Sweden I now reside in Brampton with my wife Cindy, my daughter Alexandra and my stepson Michael. We have 2 male Brindle Boxers Zeus and Amadeus the latter will be doing the dog show circuit.Feel free to Email me at work or at 
Cathy Byers

grad 77 I have had many 'dejuvu' moments in 2002/2003 as my son now attends AHSS ingrade 9 and is an Axeman. Never left Mississauga, married with children....Mark is at AHSS, Carly is at Tomken gr.7 and I have a stepson who is 22 finishing his 4th year at U of Windsor. Still in touch with .....Judy Crampton, Lynn Van Nest, Mike Knapman, Brian Gilchrist, Sue Scratch, Linda Litwin, Deb Yetman, Manny DeBono, (just to name a few), and of course my sister Linda Ranahan.
Cindy Reimer(nee Duval)

grad 77 My name is Cindy Reimer(nee Duval) Igraduated in 1977. I am living in Singapore with my husband John Reimer, also agraduate of AHSS. We have been living in Singapore for a year and a half as John is a pilot with Singapore Airlines. We have 3 children Deanna 19, Joshua, 17 and Katrina 11.
Diane (Knowles) Ellis

grad 77 Although I didn't graduate from Applewood, I consider myself alumni.  I went throughgrades 9 to 11 there, butgraduated from Gordon Graydon in 1977.  BIG MISTAKE,  I know!   Anyway, loved the website!    I'm married now and living in New Brunswick.
Fay MacDonald (nee Verge)

grad 77 Hometown: Mississauga, didn't move very far. Took a slight detour for 3 years and lived in Toronto but had to come back. Continuously married since 1977 to the same Mr Mac
2 young adults and a daughter in-law. Waiting patiently for the grandchildren! Working in Insurance for now, however still haven't decided what I want to do. Would love to hear from you!
Frank Evans

grad 77 After Applewood, I went on to McMaster Engineering (where I met my wife, Sandy - also an engineer) and graduated as an Electrical Engineer. I have two wonderful daughters in their mid 20s. I have worked at several companies, including Nortel, over the years. I'm currently working at Telus as a Project Manager. Where did the time go? I have been keeping in touch with a small number of Applewood alumni. It's nice to have this forum where we can reconnect.
Fred Visco

grad 77 Controller for an Etobicoke electronics company that provides power protection products and services to the computer, electrical and telecom industries. Married for 16 years to my university sweetheart, Mary from York (Never had time to find a sweetheart from high school...sports and stuff and more know!). Proud father of two daughters, Elise- 13, and Paula- 11. Between the gymnastic classes, swimming classes, music lessons, and art classes, and all the other friggin bills that come with the dream, I'm alive and doing fine...I think! Would love to hear from former classmates and students of my era (huh?)...some memories last forever! Regards, Fred
George Spindler

grad 77 Too bad we don't see any teachers here. Jonesy in auto shop Mr. Koike, Mr Baker. My favourite math teacher, Mrs. Bewick. The math that I learned I went on to use building GM Place, The Water Front Center in Vancouver, the Petro Canada Towers in Calgary. I have since left the construction industry and run a financial planning services company in Chilliwack, BC. Where again I use that math from my high school days. Never did graduate..went to college..then got my TQ in carpentry.. go figure.
I am married. Three son's. The oldest is 22 now. We had loads of fun playing hockey. The 22 year old played against Wyatt Russell (Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn) We would see them from time to time at the rink. My grandfather played for the Montreal Wanderers with noteable team mate Art Ross/ and four Stanley Cup wins. Another close  friend from age 2, Brent,  invented and patented the 56K modem. We are still in touch. I don't see very many names that I remember. I guess we like to blow our own horn. I can honestly tell you it has been a lot of hard work to get where I am today. I have been in some pretty hairy situations working in construction. Remember the good stuff. Applewood years were great.
Henry Troup

grad 77 After Applewood, I went to U of T Engineering, and graduated in 1982 from Engineering Science. My extra year was due to a auto accident. For the next eighteen years, I was with BNR/Nortel in Ottawa. In January 2001, I was laid-off from Nortel and joined a smaller company called Watchfire. I'm active on Personally, I've been married for 22 years, and somewhere along the line became an enthusiastic Christian! Surprise! No kids.
Judy Sinkic(Knowlton)

grad 77 presently living in Barrie, Ontario. I have 3 children - Nicole 19, Jeffery and Christopher 17, Scooby (our dog), and Missy (our cat) and a wonderful husband, Maurice. Had some of best times of my life at Applewood! Hello to everyone!! Love to hear from any old friends.
Larry Foster

grad 77

larry or amlt@mts.netI now live in winnipeg,a wife of 19 years and two kids 22 and 11. I own two companies both doing well one is a custom millwork shop and the other a store fixture company.It sure would be nice to hear from some old friends.
Linda (Cole) Davies

grad 77 Married with three children, Jaclyn, Jonathan, and Kaitlyn (older two also havegraduated from Applewood!). Work at the Scotiabank since 78' and still living in Mississauga!
Lou Mazzuca

grad 77

 Hi my name is Lou Mazzuca finished at Applewood in 1977. Loved playing high school football and of course can never forget the rock & roll defence & offence nick names married a girl from Applewood Susan Murphy, have 2 children a son named Brock who is ingrade 11 at Applewood and started playing football this year, and a daughter named Dominique who wanted to start her own traditions so is in high school at Glenforest.we still live in the Applewood Heights district and would like to here from any old friends.
Lynn Louise Pryer

grad 77 I live in Queanbeyan NSW a small village just outside Canberra. I received an Honours BSc in “84 and MSc in “86 in Geology from McMaster University and PhD in “93 from the University of Toronto. My dautghter Jennifer was born in September “92. We moved to Canberra Australia in ”93 where I workd as a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Australian National University.
Since “96, I have been working as a consultant in Structural Geology (that’s Plate Tectonics and faulting) for the international oil, gas, and minerals industry. I live in a small town outside Canberra ACT (the capital of Australia) with my daughter, dogs, cats and chickens. Visitors are always welcome. Cheers, Lynn
Lynn Van Nest

grad 77
Mark Stephens

grad 77 and
I have been living in the Yukon since 1981 and have been a forest fire
fighter, highways surveyor and inspector, a carpenter, and currently am a political assistant in the Yukon governments cabinet offices. I am married with two beautiful girls, (Emma 9 and Isabelle 6). I live 30
minutes outside of Whitehorse on 20 pristine acres of Yukon wilderness.
Michael Pelletterio

grad 77
Mike Knapman

grad 77 Axemen #51/58
Mike Knuude

grad 77 Currently live in Belleville Ont and work as a sales rep for Peter Smith Chevrolet Cadillac for the last 17 years. I am married to a local girl Liz and have a daughter Carolyn who is 12. When I left Applewood I attended Sheridan College for Athletic Therapy, did a stint with the Toronto Blue Jays and then the Ontario Hockey League Belleville Bulls. I look forward to hearing from the old gang. I would like to hear from my team mates from our CHAMPIONSHIP SENIOR FOOTBALL TEAM OF 75-76 and 76-77.
Rick Lingley

grad 77 Living in Fredericton NB, married to a spectacular gal that was born and raised here. We have 2 great kids (adults) that we are extremely proud of. Have worked in the recreational vehicle industry for the past 28 years... I have driven by the ole' hood many times and recall some fantastic memories of our days at AHSS.... still wear my school ring today... Would love to hear from some ole' friends/teachers too!
Rory McAlpine

grad 77 Now find myself in the murky world of B.C. politics and bureaucracy as Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries with great wife Rebecca and two kids in high school. Not sure Student Council prepared me for this, but very nice to be settled in beautiful Victoria after years of bouncing around the world. Still hear from a few old Applewood friends but not often enough. I can also point you to to the hiding places of brothers Andy ('75) and Reid ('79) in case anyone has a paternity suit to bring against them.
Sandy Ragno

grad 77

 sragno@rogers.comI still live in Mississauga, and have so for the past 14 years. I have been married for 22 years, and have two boys (18 and 13) I operate my own Electrical contracting company. I have lost touch with many of my old friends, and would love to hear from
Steve Huff

grad 77
Bob Wiley

grad 76 After graduating with a Physical and Health Education degree in 1980, I married a Bramalea Secondary grad (28 years now) and moved to Calgary.  After a 4 year stint in Edmonton it was back to Mississauga. We have 2 girls, one graduated from Waterloo and is working on her second degree in Sport Event Marketing. Our second daughter is in her 4th year studying Kinesiology.   I continue to work in the healthcare sector as a Business Development Manager. Looking forward to retiring to the cottage in the next few years. Would love to hear from fellow grads.
Carlos Garcia

grad 76 Living in Oakville, ON and doing great... (married) I'm a network engineer and currently working for Sheridan College. I had my own Taekwondo school with Ric for a while (Twin Tigers Taekwondo) and Played bass with Indigo... I'm still having lots of fun... email me any time... If you want to get a hold of Ric, email him at . Hope to hear from you soon... see ya,
Cathy Setchell (Forster)

grad 76

cforster @jdsmith.comcurrently residing in Stouffville and presently working in Concord
Darlene Saunders

grad 76 I am currently living in Acton, Ontario where I own and operate Blue Springs Spa and Salon. I am divorced, but am in a relationship with a wonderful man. I have two children Ð Keira, age 21 and Dylan, age 19. I am living in Cambridge, Ontario. Hello to all my fellow alumni and looking forward to seeing everyone at a reunion!
Deb Ellis

grad 76 I graduated from grade 12 in June, 1976 and was married before the grad ceremony in the Fall of that year. It was strange moving out of high school knowing most of my friends would remain after I left...and knowing they would complete their final year while I began my married life!ÊÊAfter 3 years, we began our family. We now have 3 married adult children and 5 grandchildren, with another on the way! My husband Steve remained a teacher/principal in the Christian private school system until his recent retirement and after raising our children, I worked for 9 years as a teacher's aide. I was also the school secretary for a couple of years. We've moved a bit, travelled a bit and always had lots of fun wherever we were or whatever we were doing. There've been some hardships for sure, but life has treated us well and we certainly can't complain! Good to come onto the old school site and see where you all have landed in life. My years at Applewood will always be fondly remembered. Loved the band trips, and art class the most! Theatre Arts class also rocked. Favorite teacher of all time...Mrs. Johnson!ÊThanks, Applewood, for all the memories.
Debbie Connors (nee Fisher)

grad 76

connors.da@forces.gc.caJoined the Canadian Forces aftergraduation and traveled the world. Married to Jerry, retired Military Policeman, we have two sons, Mike 21 and Greg 16. Currently working for the Department of National Defence at CFB Gagetown as a civilian employee. I
would love to re-establish contact with any old classmates and if there is
ever reunion information, I would like to be contacted. Great site, enjoyed
traveling down memory lane.
Dennis Chai

grad 76 I am now living in East Amherst , NY. I am a research chemist and part owner of a chemical research company.
Diana McVicar(Stell)

grad 76 I have been married for 20+ years to a guy from TL Kennedy, I have two sons 20 and 17. One is in College in Belleville and one is finishing high school in Cobourg. I ran into someone from Applewood at the Relay for Life cancer walk in Peterborough, and would like to hear from others. I live in a little town called Bailieboro.(Betcha no one knows where that is) Please if anyone would like to chat please email me.
Ed Baginski

grad 76 After graduation from High School I received a Bachelor of Physical and Health Education and a Bachelor of Education at U of T. I married and have three beautiful children. I'm now retired after 32 years of teaching. I love to travel and have been to more than a dozen countries and hope to continue that trend. I have to admit I like to read up on people from my past and see how they're doing. I have a face book account and people who might want to chat can send me a message with a brief explanation how they know me. I have taught over three thousand students and have met many wonderful people along the way and I would love to here from all. Cheers, Ed. Baginski
Elizabeth Alasi (maiden name "Sandison")

grad 76 I live in Clarkson, Ontario. I am married, have twin daughters (age 13) and work for a large Toronto law firm as an administrative assistant. I'd love to hear from fellow classmates and/or teachers.
Fay MacDonald (Verge)

grad 76 Married a year after high school to a wonderful guy that never ceases to amaze me. Other than a 3 year stint in Toronto in the early 80's I have continued to live and in Mississauga. We have 2 grown children an amazing son who is a firefighter and married with 2 children of his own. Our beautiful daughter who has her master's and is currently working as a consultant.
For the past 10 years I have been working in the insurance industry selling home, auto, life and travel insurance. I have the job where everyone loves to hate us! Prior to that I worked in HR, IT and was a stay at home mom doing day care out of our home for about 11 years. What can I say....I still don't know what I want to do when I grow up!
Gary McKee

grad 76 A ton of things happen in 25 years. A bunch of odd jobs, bad dates, two diplomas and two degrees BRE '84 and BA '86 (I don't utilize either one). I also have a wife (Donna - where I had to travel to Uxbridge to court), two boys (Daniel 15 - Aaron 12) and no pets. Presently, I work for Immigration Canada as a Systems Administrator (Bureaucratic name for computer wiz) a position held for 15 years. Thank goodness for that Wang, Basic language and our keypunch cards at Applewood.
Being with the Government another 10 years and I'll be retired... Wait a minute! Working for the Government - I am retired. I've moved all the way to Etobicoke (Royal York & Bloor) since married (I'm a city boy), and I enjoy walking to work every day. 
I'd be more than happy to hear from any of you, so give me a dingle, or drop a line. 
Seeing names on the alumni list brings back a ton of great memories. (Thanks to Mr.. Rawlings for the opportunity)
Georg Schneider

grad 76

GeorgSchneider57@gmail.comLiving in Oakville, Ont. Married Ann Bowness ’76 in 1980. We have 2 wonderful (adult) children Laurel and Adam. Hope to see everyone at the Applewood 50th anniversary!
Linda Bielanowski

grad 76

bielanowski@yahoo.commarried, live in Port Dover, work in Burlington. 2 children.
Mike Bradford

grad 76 now living in Glencoe Ontario and am a manager at McNaughton Family Shopping Centre in Newbury Ontario. Married a student from Streetsville Secondary School Kim Bradford (nee Hunter) I now have a son and two daughters.  Currently I work for Home Hardware in Newbury Ontario and my wife Kim is an Educational Assistant with the Thames Valley School Board.  I have also been a PUC commissioner and co chair person and am actively involved in boys and girls minor hockey.  I also now have a grandson.
Paul Merrifield

grad 76 Well, since 1976 I worked here and there in Toronto and Dallas (very cool) before I went to South Africa in August ’81. I spent 14 years there. Got married in Jo’burg and had a daughter (well my wife did). Got divorced and then remarried in Jo’burg and had a son (well my wife did). Both marriages were in the Magistrates court although I don’t thing that’s too blame and both honeymoons were in Swaziland, and I don’t think that can be held responsible either.

In between these domestic forays and follies I travelled and worked throughout sub-Saharan Africa in various retail and hospitality operations…being shot at in Angola (not by either wife); working with the communist government in Mozambique; I was near the Ebola river in Zaire; and spent an interesting night in a club in Dar es Salaam (okay I spent a lot of interesting nights in clubs, but this was a particularly interesting one).

I finally returned to the frozen fields of Canada in September ’95 where I worked for Buck or Two in Toronto, got divorced (again) and moved to Georgetown (great place). In early ‘02 I packed up my troubles in my old kit bag (actually a whacking great u-haul truck) and trundled 4,600 km to Vancouver Island to run Island Ink-Jet in Courtenay, where it rained…a lot.

Then in ’04, tired of being perpetually damp I moved to Dubai (where it rains every six or seven years) and ran a multi-ethnic restaurant chain. Unfortunately, sand, sand and more sand prompted me to move to India where I did retail consulting. I also got married there; again (I’m getting good at this) and our honeymoon was there too, very romantic (not that Swaziland wasn’t). Travelled throughout India getting dirty and cleansed at the same time until that gig finished (too bad) and now I’m in the UK (single again) and trying to establish my career here as my son is living in Mississauga and my daughter is living in Johannesburg so Merry Olde England is very central … although I may come back to Canada (who knows). Well, I did it I’m back in Ontario, Niagara Falls to be exact, working for a British company who is opening in America.
Phil Cancilla

grad 76

p.cancilla@sympatico.cagrad Ryerson Poly Technical 1977 Electrical Technologist. Wifegrad Ryerson 1977 Nursing
Living in Mississauga. Married with two children. Partner in a manufacturing company specializing in mineral processing products for the Copper and Nickel Industry
Rob Roy

grad 76 I am currently living in Peterborough and spent 25 years teaching instrumental music and the last 5 as a guidance counsellor in a high school in Lakefield Ont. I'm now a retired teacher, but still spend time exploring my musical passions. Studied Music Ed at UWO graduating in 1982 married to Doreen (another UWO music grad) the summer of that year. I have 2 daughters one of which is now a physio therapist, the other an aspiring teacher. I fondly remember my days at Applewood: the ramp, the cool art room, electronic music, jazz band, band trips, football, following Dominic Vetro and Les Pappas in their football careers, Frank St.Cyr (awesome trumpet player/bass etc...) Gail Gemmell, Mr. Brown Mr. Paylor the head custodian, Ron Allen (musician extraordinaire), dances with "live" bands ! I would welcome contact from any "old" friends. Look forward to seeing you at the next reunion !
Robert Szoldra

grad 76 After graduating from Applewood in 1976, I attended Seneca College. I graduated in 1978 and began a 40-year career in aviation. Twenty-two of those years were in aircraft maintenance for major international airlines both here in Canada and around the world. Later I moved into a training role, and then began teaching at colleges. I worked on developing aviation programs for colleges in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and later when I returned to Canada, at Mohawk College in Hamilton.Currently, I work for Bombardier Aerospace developing maintenance training for their new aircraft programs.I live in Dorval, Quebec with my wife and youngest son. I coach my son’s baseball team, and was a Cub Scout leader for a number of years. I enjoy sailing, bicycling, and cooking.

Sandra Dubblestein

grad 76 Living in Toronto, Ontario. Working for the Immigration and Refugee Board in the Appeals Division -- love the job!! -- and doing well. Have travelled quite a bit over the past 15 years. Was married but now single.
Scott Macleod

grad 76 Saying hi and hoping to hear from former 70's students.I am the general manager of a large music store called Music Maxx here in Nanaimo B.C. We sell musical instruments,D.J. equipment,sound systems and lots more. I'm also a working musician and studio bass player in my spare time.Happily married for 20 years and I have a teenage son Jeremy, also a bass player,go figure!What happened to Mr.St.Cyr?? He was an awesome music teacher at AHSS.I was the editor of the newspaper at AHSS in '76. Are they're any copies in the archive or on computer???What happened to Mrs.Bomphray,Journalism teacher.??She was really cute too!!
Sue Quinn

grad 76  I am a single mom of my son, Ryan (now 21) and I worked for TD Bank for 32 years in various capacities.  I now own my own business called Kamp K-9 Inc. which is an 18,700 square foot indoor and 10,000 square foot outdoor one-stop dog spot for Boarding, Daycare, Grooming, Training, Wellness and Retail, all in one location (Dixie/Lakeshore area).  I  live in the same house in Mississauga that I grew up in from 1964 until now (along with various other locations throughout Mississauga and Long Branch in between).  I love spending time with my son, our dogs, our friends, going to the movies and theatre and always seem to be trying to catch up on sleep. I also still live on the same street with Francis Lindblad, Jody Palladina, Brenda Carrier, and others in the area that went to Applewood with me.  We all grew up together and our kids have also grown up together.  Great neighbourhood. Hope to see everyone at the reunion on April 22nd-23rd-2017.  Cheers !!
Aldo Pighin

grad 75 I went to the UofT andgraduated in 1979 with a B.Sc. in Chemistry. I am living in Mississauga with my wife, Kimberley and two boys (Adam) aged 10 and (Brody) 2 yrs of age.
I am a sales professional and have been working for the same Chemical
Company based in NY for the past 20 yrs. I am responsible for Sales of Industrial Chemicals in Eastern Canada and parts of the USA including Western NY, New York City, and Northern New Jersey.
Alison Williams

grad 75

alison.williams@bmo.comManaging Director, Capital Markets, BMO Nesbitt Burns. Living in Thornhill.
Benjamin Erle Sawyer

grad 75  I presently live in Aurora, Ontario and have lived here for many years. I graduated grade 12 in 74-75 and would love to hear from old friends and what they are doing
Brenda D. Peters - nee Hall

grad 75 Married for 29 years now. Three grown kids - Adam 27, Kyle 24 & Sara 22. Recently became a grandmother (oh my god!). We've moved around some but have been settled in Truro, Nova Scotia for about 13 years now. I've changed jobs fairly often over the years, went back to post-secondary schooling a couple of times for different things. I'm now working as a Youth Librarian at the public library in Truro. Don't get back to Ontario very often but think about people who are still there. Ahh the good times (euchre '74) ... and more good times (grade 13 assembly). When I look back it's hard to imagine what we did and got away with. Had to 'fess up and tell my kids to toe-the-line because I had already used up all the luck with my teenage hi-jinks. I'd be happy to hear from people.
Cathy Ridout

grad 75 Attended Centennial College in Scarborough for 2 years and have been working for lawyers since graduation. Currently working at a major downtown law firm in Toronto as a commercial real estate law clerk. Have no idea what happened to the dreams of writing a novel and becoming famous.....what a far cry from working with lawyers! Living in Burlington with my partner and 2 dogs...a West Highland White Terrier and a Scottish Terrier. Applewood seems so far away from reality to me now.
Chris Comeau (nee Lovering)

grad 75
Darleene Wattam  (Burge)

grad 75 Listowel Ontario. Married with 2 kids and 3 grandkids. Looking forward to attending this reunion!
Debbie Bailey (nee Dancy)

grad 75 Married in '79 to Rick (TLK grad). Have lived in Guelph since '87. Have four wonderful children (now adults!) Brian, Douglas, Adam & Colleen. We've stay in touch with Sue & Paul Kurrat, Emily Farquhar and Randy MacDonald. Would love to hear from former classmates.
Debbie Henry (nee Knowles)

grad 75 I am presently working as a Educational Resource Worker for the Dufferin-Peel Board. Married (to a Kennedy (boo)grad) and have 2 children.
Diane Ostofe (Howe)

grad 75 Living in Wasaga Beach. Working With Girardin, Blue Bird, selling Commercial Buses in Ontario. Regional Commercial Account Manager.
Kathy Rajsic (nee Harte)

grad 75 I am married to John and we have lived in the Arnprior area since our marriage in 1979. We have two children - Gillian (19) and David (15). I am a highschool guidance counsellor at Arnprior District High School.
Loretta Roll (nee O'Neill)

grad 75 Still living in Mississauga. Married to Erik Roll (class of 74) and have 3 children.

Sandi English (nee Moore)

grad 75 or Presently living in Boston, MA with my hubby, Paul (also '75 grad). Graduated with a BA from U of T. Spend 20 years in the transportation industry...sales rep to sales manager. Am mom to two young men,  Jason 23, Daniel 20. Love it down in Boston, probably cause I'm retired.
Shahrokh Shah

grad 75 North Barrington Illinois (Near Chicago) Bank of Montreal, Corporate Banking, Global Forest Products
Sophie Joyce Stogrin

grad 75 Hi folks,  
A big hello to some of the oldies I wonder where are today.... Domenic Vetro.... Danny Zita.... Hiya Ric and Carlos... man you all must be using canes by now..... I know I need one soon. I miss a few of my old friends and have had the awesome opportunity to stay in touch with some of them. Brenda and Brian Bouley.... I love you guys....where are you....I have no clue. I have had 4 kids.... Sarah (24) Shannon (19) Shane (15) and Shawna (13) a granddaughter Clare Emily (5). I am currently single and living alone in Manitoba Canada......I miss Ontario and havent been back for years. I have a fabulous job in a office and look forward to retiring. Does anyone remember the pep rallies, the football games.... Yikes sorry Mrs Quarrington... I would say you were the best teacher ever!! Cammie Pearce...Debbie Burch.....Wendy  .where are you??? ... I would love to hear from alot more people. I know I ended up in a small hick town in the middle of nowhere but believe it or not... Ken McKracken also lives within a few miles of me. He was also from Applewood....I will sit patiently watching my email. Anyone else wishing to contact my brothers or sisters.. Bill Carol Patsy Kathy or Joe can also email me I will forward it to them. All of us attended Applewood.......what a great school!!!!!
Timothy (Tim) Burger

grad 75 Now living in Ballinafad, Ontario and working for Canadian Tire Corporation downtown Toronto at Yonge & Eglinton. Remarried in 2008 and finally got myself out of Mississauga. Kids are grown and pretty much out of the house. TheyÕre out, much of their stuff and some of their bills remain however!
Andrew Bartnik

grad 74 Mississauga
Brad Hayes

grad 74, or Vice-President of Petrel Robertson Consulting Ltd., a geological consulting firm which does regional geological studies and detailed geological evaluations, primarily for the petroleum industry. We work in Canada and in numerous countries overseas. Igraduated from University of Toronto in 1978 with a B.Sc in Geology, and from University of Alberta in 1982 with a Ph.D. in Geology. I am married to Carol, and have two sons, Steven and Brian. I am heavily involved in Scouting and soccer coaching with the boys.
Brian Lowe

grad 74 Retired November 2011
Cathy (Catherine) Perkins (married Mollyneaux)

grad 74 living in Miami Florida. Married to Ron, step-mother to Vonette & Chelece. I have 2 wonderful grandchildren; Brandon 8 and A.J. 5.  Began working at Hewlett-Packard (Canada) in 1983; transferred to HP Atlanta in 1995; transferred to HP Miami in 1997 (present). Manager of HP Logistics & Operations, Latin America Region until 2002; currently managing Global Logistics & Materials Operations. Recently found my dear friend Megan Lynch (nee Robinson) and look forward to seeing her in the near future.  Would love to hear from old friends & former classmates.
Cheri Fitzpatrick

grad 74

 Tiggerfitzpat@aol.comReg. Nurse working with Special Needs at Belwood Lodge and Camp during summer. E.A. at Centennial C.V.I. in Guelph,  Sept to June. Mother of five.  Four boys and a girl.
David Djordjevic

grad 74 Went to college and became a professional musician for a number of years.Travelled a bit and started working in hotels out west as a restaurant manager. Now I own Dimmi Ristorante in Mississauga.  I've been there for 14 years. Never kept in touch with any old school mates. I'm single and never got married. It would be nice to hear from some old friends.
Janet Donnelly, nee Webb

grad 74 After graduating from AHSS in 1974, I got my RN diploma and worked for almost 25 years in hospital and office nursing before giving it up. I now work as a Pharmacy Technician in Welland, ON where I live with my husband. We have 2 kids, a son, 21 and a daughter, 18 who are both attending different universities. When's the next reunion? I'd love to attend.
Janice Green

grad 74 After high school, I went to University of Guelph and then to McMaster University. Married to Dave Bignell (a T L Kennedy grad) for 33 years and we have 3 daughters. We have lived in Toronto, Winnipeg and Phoenix but have been in the Peterborough area for last 25 years. Currently living in the Kawarthas, close to Lakefield, Ontario.
Jasna Delic

grad 74 Living in Toronto and working in the travel industry.
Jayne Louise Clifton (now Wilkie)

grad 74 I am now living is Bridgewater, NS and am now working as a program support for a Call Center
Kathy Dow (Cole)

grad 74 I remember a couple of the people already listed in my year. Would love to see a reunion again someday. I attended one in 1990 or 91. I attended Humber College after high school and got a Legal Assistant diploma which got me working at various law firms in Toronto as a Title Searcher and Conveyancer for about 15 years. Loved my job! Finally tied the knot in 1989 to a lawyer I met on the job. Now have three wonderful daughters...two in high school now and one younger. While at Curriculum Night, I got to thinking about my old high school days. 
Leslie Cragg

grad 74

Lesliecragg@rogers.comAmazing when we think back to those days! I'm married with no children and presently working with a great group of people at DesJardins Insurance as Administrative Assistant.
I would love to see some old friends from 1974!
Patricia Ratcliffe (nee Hughes)

grad 74

trish.ratcliffedavies@gmail.comI am currently living in Coquitlam, BC and am married to Phil Davies, another AHSS graduate. For many years from 1980 to 2002, I lived in a little town called Ingersoll, Ontario while married to my first husband, Ross Ratcliffe, who passed away in 2001. I now work as a Library Technician at Douglas College in New Westminster. I have 2 grown sons and 2 grandchildren who live in Vancouver.
Rod Kempa

grad 74

rodkempa@gmail.comBusinessman. Living in Regina,Sk
Sandy Pryor

grad 74 Living in Waterloo On
Brent Giffin

grad 73 currently living in Toronto, married to Janine for 30 years, 4 children, Olympia, Stephen, Kimberly and Cameron, 2 grand children Sean and Connor. I work in the financial industry and am a branch manager/owner,Êsupervising 11 offices across Ontario.
Cathy Cressman (Sebastian)

grad 73 - seperated 2 boys 21 & 20, 3 dogs and a cat - live in Guelph - co-own and administrator of  2 HVAC wholesale businesses with my husband - "highschool sucks when your father is the Vprincipal of Glenforest and you share the same school building for a year!"
Coleen Komorowski (nee Cruickshank)

grad 73 I currently live in Cairo, Egypt and my email is I married Peter Komorowski from GlenForest and we have one son, one daughter and move around alot!
Doug Maguire

grad 73 Was bored with school and wanted to get out and make money, so I didnÕt finish 13.
I began working fulltime in 1973, and started with the OPP as a cadet in 1974, and after a 35 year career, retired in Feb 2009. Taught Law Enforcement at a private college for 2 years.
Married for almost 35 years, and have two grown children, one who has followed in his fatherÕs footsteps into a policing career. Retired and living in the metropolis of Sparta and spending alot of time with the 3 grandchildren, or touring in the motorhome
Glenn McKay

grad 73 Las Vegas, NV, USA
Henry Verwey

grad 73 Still live in Mississauga. Retired 2012!
John Fargey

grad 73 Fort McMurray Alberta
Laurie Davidson

grad 73
Rob Hooke

grad 73

 oaxports@sympatico.caBarrie, Ontario Self employed
Robin MacDonald

grad 73 Waterloo, marketing manager, Ontario Teachers Insurance PLan
Dan O'Dell

grad 72? No longer the smokin' tokin' drinkin' long-haired hippie-wannabe. Creative Director in Winnipeg at an ad agency after 20 year independent (sigh). I have lots of fun, go hunting (hunting with same guys for 12 years), fishing (been going with same different guys for 30 years) (no Brokeback Mountain as if I cared), love curling, do a little whack-@$#%@, reading, eating, watching football, science shows.... Just became a granddad via wife's eldest — loving life's journey. Been healthy and unwealthy in money but richer than all get out with friends. Memory is rusty so I don't remember lots of names. Never heard from or could find Bob Stafford or Colivie Oaksman or Jim Webber. I remember a couple guys from the football team Peter, Bob (we went to the finals, lost). I really am not sure of my graduating year (72?). Oh man I'm old, but my wife tells me I'm happy so... be well all.
Becky Wyson Scano

grad 72 Hey Applewood...T'SUP? I am a young widow with 4 children. My oldest daughter, who is the prima ballerina at BYU, was just married. My oldest son leaves soon to be a missionary in Brazil. I am a professor of Theatre at Dixie State College in St. George, Utah, havinggraduated from BYU. If you saw "The Drunkard" you will remember me as "Agnes" the insane girl. My crazy friends at Applewood nicknamed me "Buck". Where are you guys? Mr. Ramsden, you are my idol. Applewood rules! Let's do a reunion, soon. Ciao,
Karl Lampe

grad 72
Ken Clarkson

grad 72
Married 32 years tothe same wonderful lady. 2 sons , 29 & 26.Have lived in Milton ON for the last 28 years. Worked in the Food Industry in Sales for my whole career. Looking forward to seeing many old friends @ the reunion. Keep in touch with a few....Dave Green & I are still best friends despite the fact that he lives in USA , some 12 - 14 hours away.
Lin Martin (Nicholson)

grad 72
Lorna Williamson (Loojie)

grad 72

 abi@bigpondnow living on the Goldcoast Australia, married to Graham (see below!)own our own company, we have 2 children Gloria 18 ( and David 17.
Peter Fuderer

grad 72 Now living in Buckhorn, Ontario Own and operate a marina with my brother and our families Have three children who work with me in the business Can view at
Peter R. Zacharkiw

grad 72 400 North Sparks Street, Burbank, California 91506-1963. CEO of egad, inc, Technology consultants and systems providers for the film and entertainment industry in Hollywood. We also now provide Internet services such as net based: film editing, production, and post production. Work with industry notables such as Steven Spielberg, Michael Eisner, Glen Larson, Eddie Murphy. Produced Weight Watchers Exercise Videos for Paramount Studios.
Ron Niskanen

grad 72 or I was one of the students in the first group to go from grade 9 to grade 13 when the school opened. I believe my grad year was 1972. I still have the yearbooks and the grad button from that year.
Toni Wray (Delmoro)

grad 72
Graham Williamson

grad 71, 72

 abi@bigpondnow living on the Goldcoast Australia, married to Lorna (see above!)own our own company, we have 2 children Gloria 18 ( and David 17.
Barbara Bock

grad 71 I went to art school at Sheridan College followed by nursing school. I have been a registered nurse for 40 years and worked in several fields. I am married and have two children (21 and 27) and live in downtown Toronto. I would love to hear about other students from my year and any reunions that might be upcoming. Thanks so much and all the best, Barbara
Chris Boikovitis

grad 71 computer consultant in Mississauga
Courtland Shakespeare

grad 71 I grew up in Niagara Falls, ON, but moved to Cooksville in 1967 and started at Applewood that Fall in Grade 10. I later graduated from Sheridan College (Oakville) with a Journalism diploma, then received an Honours BA from U of T (Lit). I worked in the art department at The Financial Post and I was Senior Designer at The Toronto Star. I also created three CD-ROM computer games (internationally distributed) and wrote an illustrated book called The Perfect Round. I am currently an Editor (Special Sections) at The Mississauga News. Check out my websites:
Follow me on Twitter @cxshakespeare
Paul Lindsay

grad 71 I was in the Science, Trades and Technology section. I went to University of Toronto in Electrical Engineering where I did not do very well. I then went to Humber College in Funeral Service Education. I have enjoyed a long career in Funeral Service since then. I am separated and single. I have two kids. A son, Dave, who is married and has three kids. He graduated from University of Ottawa with an English major. My daughter, Michelle, graduated from Algonquin College in Ottawa in Graphic Design. Both are doing very well. I currently live at my cottage on Skootamatta Lake between Ottawa and Peterborough.
Perry Camisso

grad 71

 I am married with 2 children and am a Manufacturing Technology Teacher in Barrie, Ont. My E-Mail address is
Rod Milne

grad 71 Presently working in Toronto & still living in Mississauga
Suzanne Deakins

grad 71
Barry Slade

grad 70's I attended Dixie Public School for six years and then Tomken Road for for 2. As well I attended Applewood Heights from 1971 to 1973. Although I left the province andgraduated else where my heart will always be with Applewood.
Kathleen Liddard (Megaffin)

grad 70's I didn't graduate from Applewood but I went there in the seventies. I am married now for the second time. I have two boys 24 and 20 years old. My husband and I live in Fergus, Ont. where I am a nurse. I would like to know if anyone knows the whereabouts of Debbie Pinder. We were great friends while at Applewood and I often wonder what she is doing with her life
Bruce Foster

grad 70 I have been married for 38 years to my wife Dianne and we have two daughters and two granddaughters. I worked for Magna international for 27 years in the quality assurance field mostly has a quality engineer. I am currently retired.
Deanna M. Stevenson (maiden name) now Deanna M. LaPrade

grad 70 1426 N. 2nd. Street,
Suite 100, Phoenix, Arizona 85004 Telephone (602) 258-7571.
Hans Looije

grad 70 Many great memories including sneaking in before Applewood Heights was even finished. After graduating I went to Waterloo and Ryerson and in 1975 I hired on at IBM. I was offered a 'package' 7 years ago and I am happily retired in the 'Beach'. I am widowed and have one married son. (no grandchildren yet).
My sister Lorna and husband Graham Williamson also graduated in 1970
John Wrobel

grad 70 Married Ann Wrobel in 1971 who also went to Applewood,but left in 69 for Glenforest. We are getting ready to celebrate our 44th wedding anniversary.
Stayed great friends with Mike Ralph,Cass and Deb Sloane,Greig and Wendy Manson,&Paul is like a reunion every time our families are together and the yearbooks come out!
I am a car hauler truck driver for a company in Montana and Ann is a caterer. We have lived in West Lorne,Ontario for 36 years where we raised our 4 sons and now enjoy being grandparents to 8! Life is good and we look forward to catching up at the reunion.
Marg Chapman
(Marg Clements now!)

grad 70 or I was secretary of the Student Council in 1968/69 and graduated in 1970 (with honours I might add)!
Marg Clements (Chapman)

grad 70
Rick Marshall

grad 70

 rmarshall2@hotmail.comElectrical Technician - Nuclear E
Albert Hopper

grad 69

hopperbert48@hotmail.comI am presently living in Alliston Ontario I am a long haul truck driver. I have been a truck driver for many years at one point owned my own trucks.I have been all over the USA and CANADA.My health has been reasonable even though I have had a number of surgeries.I have been married twice and have 2 boys and 3 girls and 6 grandchildren I moved up to this area in 1980 to get away from the rat race of the city and have never looked back.I do not miss living down there but i enjoy the peace and quiet of living outside of its boundaries.I go back to the city only to visit friends.I was also active in coaching sports when I moved up here but my job forced me to retire from that so now I watch my grandson when I have the time. Anybody who wants to send me an email and let me know how any of our fellow classmates are and what they are up to would be greatly appreciated.
Bob Harrack

grad 69 Still living in Mississauga. Retired in 2005 Graduated from Humber College as a Civil Technologist. Served an apprenticeship as a Boilermaker Local 128. Worked all over the world as a Construction Supervisor installing air pollution equipment. I have 2 daughters (separate wives) and 5 grandchildren. Presently divorced looking for a third. Old dogs never learn! Looking forward to a reunion. See you there.
Bryan K. Eardley

grad 69

bryaneard@icloud.comgraduated 1969 4yr tech. Married Bonnie E, Smith from Cooksville alsograduated 1969 4yr business. Married in 1970 and still married today with two sons and two grand daughters.graduated from Bill Ridgeways refrigeration class and worked in the air conditioning trade for ten years before venturing out on our own . We started a company called Preferred Air Ltd. and are still running it with our oldest son Bob. Miss all the fun back then and the guys,
would like to hear from some of them again. Attended the reuinion some years ago1990 I think but found that only two others attended from ourgraduating class. Met some of the old teachers though .
Donna Slade/McLaughlin

grad 69 presently employed as a manager of the Milton District Hospital Foundation.  Would love to hear from Lynn Buckley, Paula Chapman, etc. etc.  Where are you?  Expected to see a lot more 70's alumni registered.  Found Marg Chapman here.  The internet is a great thing......tracked down Kim Geisel in Saipan!  Let's plan a reunion!
Egor Hunka

grad 69 Hi Kids! This is Egor Hunka, checking in from Bailey, nestled amongst the beautiful Colorado Rocky Mountains. I'm a "founding" member ofgrade 11 (66/67) andgrade 12 (67/68). Who? Surely you recall Dirk's report and celebratory Headline (thank you, thank you) in the Dec '67 Miss. News re: Applewood vs.defending champions, Streetsville Tigers: HERO HUNKA HANDYMAN HOOPS HELPS HEIGHTS. Just to remind you, here's the recap: Tiger's were leading 40-39 with only seconds remaining in the game. Our timeout strategy missed, but I ended up with the ball in my face. As I went up for the final jump shot, the defending centre slapped my wrist. Ref called the foul as the final buzzer sounded. With no time on the clock, the court was cleared and I was motioned to step up to the line for two foul shots. The stomping and shouting from the bleachers was deafening. The pressure was on. I blinked twice, held my breath and visualized the arc. First shot. Clean - a swisher. Absolute pandemonium. Then, absolute quiet. Second shot...ball hits the rim... hesitates, rolls around the rim and eventually drops through the hoop. Bionic slo mo, I kid you not! I don't recall very much after that second shot, but did we celebrate! It was the FIRST basketball victory in our school's short two year history. Kudos to Derek George and Mickey Redmond who were the high scorers! What a night! We went wild. We started history. Guess what. I didn'tgraduate. After completinggrade 12 ('68) my family moved to Chicago where I entered University of Illinois as a freshman. That '68 summer in Chicago was particularly memorable for this young Canadian. Black Panthers, student activism, anti war protests and the infamous Mayor Daley and the Chicago Democratic Convention Conspiracy Seven. Despite that period's campus activism and turmoil, I managed tograduate in '71 with a
BA and, later, took an MA in Poli Sci and, of course, Philosophy. How else was I going to change the world?

Since then, my "career" has encompassed several management positions conducting esoteric scientific research, a 12 year sabbatical with my own travel agency business, and other unspeakable vicarious adventures around the globe. For the past six years I have been a purveyor (internet sales manager) of fine Jaguars and Porsches in the Denver area. Now, I'm on the verge of investing my gains (gotten without much pain) in a B&B ala Newhart style, probably in the Flordia Keys. You know, Hemmingway, Margaritaville and all that stuff. I'm still healthy, fit and running hard in the fast lane -- or, as my
belated Uncle used to say, I'm a gentleman, scholar and a fine judge of
wiskey. Never smoked -- a legacy that stems from fear of being kicked off the school's teams, and then actually having to attend class full time! So, I just hooked up with Juggie ('68), and look forward to chatting with
the rest of you 60s products. Oh yeah, I've got the "OK" from my Jennifer in regards to touching base with the "babes" that made AHSS too much fun.

By the way, Tony Paton, my friend, I still think that "I" should have been chosen athlete of the year in 68! Since you have the title and picture on the wall, I'll settle for erstwhile "hero". Finally gave Florida the old college try! Started at Key West and meandered up the Gulf Coast. A month later returned to Denver after deciding that Florida was too muggy and buggy. Last March (2002) headed out to Arizona. Jack Pot! The climate proved to be ideal. Temperate for 10 months, and only blazing for 2...but its easy to cope if you learn to stay out of the sun during "high noon".  A year later we're still here. Recently bought a nice place in Mesa (east of PHX) and got back into the car gig pending a more profound career alternative. B&B idea dropped due to the post 9/11 slump in travel/tourism. Now considering creating a start-up fleet of "designer" hot dog kiosks. Goal is to outperform the traditional single cart vendors on a variety of culinary fronts. Our mini dachsy will be promoted to mascot. Hope to realize the american dream by becoming hot dog moguls. Keep you posted on our progress. Give a shout when you're in the area. Egor & Jennifer. Cell 480 620 4700.

Ingrid Winters

grad 69 Hi classmates, it's Ingrid Winters (nee Maschek) , graduated in 1969. I still keep in touch with the twins Catherine and Caroline, Brenda Walker, Joanne Kohl and a few others. Still love to play euchre! Egor, I don't remember that game. But I do remember Tony running around the gym before a wrestling match trying to loose weight so he could get into a lower weight catgory. I live in Toronto, down at Harbourfront and work as a web development Project Manager for a multinational firm. The next reunion is in 2016. Lets try to find as many folks as we can. I guess a lot of our generation are not using Facebook. Too bad. I wonder how we can start to spread the word.
Judy Hitchens

grad 69 Left AHSS at the end ofgrade 12 in 1969. I worked at Toronto International Airport for awhile, married Tony Gill, and moved to Nova Scotia. I continued my education here while working on and off in various areas of the hospitality industry and in management and international traffic areas of the seafood industry. I currently live in Nova Scotia. I have a grown son (24) who lives nearby. I currently operate a high school library. Hellos (or, as my son would say, "Shoutouts") to (maiden names) Joan Wisman, Jennifer Griffin, Irene Sears, and Louise McMain. I wonder whether anyone remembers "derf nworb", our Physics teacher. I visited Ontario once after moving here. I got lost in Malton, my hometown. Things sure changed there over a period of five years. I have fond memories of the ROM and the Planetarium, but I would never want to live in the "Trawna" area again. I like the slower pace of life here. For those of you who attended RCSCC Illustrious at the same time that I did, you might like to know that I became the first female Sea Cadet officer in Nova Scotia. I still have fond memories of "jumping ship" on sleepover weekends to hang out at the Weston Doughnut Shop with the guys.
Ken Denyer

grad 69 one of the first classes to attend the opening we were at t.l. kennedy for the first year maybe the second also. been to many years to go back
Kim Geisel (Prinz)

grad 69 (Saipan,North Pacific)
Kim Prinz, P.O. Box 1929, Saipan, MP 96950
Linda Clarke

grad 69

linda.clarke89@gmail.comRetired and currently living in Burlington.
Liz Heath (Cann)

grad 69
Lynn Jasiunas (Buckley)

grad 69 Humber College/Guelph University. My husband Al and myself owned a resort in Huntsville and owned two video stores in Oakville. We moved to Oakville in 1984 and love living here. Our daughter Keri is 30 years old and our foster child, Colleen is 36. Al and I are retired from the video business and the resort business. Presently we are Ballroom Dance instructors and we teach the Motorcycle Course at Humber College. It's our time now.......enjoy life!!! What a great idea to be in touch with friends from school. I see Marg Chapman and Donna Slade.........and I agree with Donna.....let's get together.
Marg Brodie

grad 69 I was at Applewood ,when it first opened,entering in grade 11 and leaving after grade13, class of '69. Student name was Margaret (Marg) Brodie and I lived on the basketball court!! Three days before heading to McGill ,I changed my mind and went into the field of Radiological Sciences , worked from 1972-1989 at Mississauga Hospital, left for Saudi Arabia for a year and stayed for two, coming home with my gas mask and piece of scud missile, courtesy of Gulf Storm. Got hired by GE Medical in Oct.'91....based in Dubai and covering Middle East-Africa. After the first three years they sent me everywhere from Moscow to Manilla. I remarried ,in Dubai, after 21years.....we retired in 2007 and now divide our time between Toronto and the south of France. I'm really interested to hear about the reunion in 2016 and seeing how many of the 'originals' show up. Would love to hear from any grads during my three years. I'm not into social platforms, ( Twitter,Facebook et al).......just straight e-mails!
Stephen Roat

grad 69 I now live in Creemore (an hour north on Airport rd.) and I am a firefighter in Toronto (formerly known as Etobicoke)
Terry Williams

grad 69 I have lived in Winnipeg on a 5 acre hobby farm since 1988, after living in Churchill Manitoba for 6 years. I have been married to Janet for 32 years and have 3 children. I worked as a Supervisor with Child and Family Services for 29 years and retired in July 2015. I now work 11 hours a week with the local School Division helping children who are chronically truant from School because of mental health issues. I still keep in touch with many friends in Toronto from Applewood and look forward to to Reunion.
Dane Jones

grad 68 ? I now reside in California.
Brenda Thompson nee Cameron

grad 68

brendaithompson@yahoo.caI was one of the first graduates of the class of 68. After graduating I went into nursing at Hamilton Civic Hospitals and graduated in 70 as a Registered Nurse.I am married and live in Hamilton
Dave Ralph

grad 68 I was in the first graduating class (’68) and currently live in Burlington, Ontario. Just east of Hamilton. I work in the equipment leasing industry in Canada and have been since graduating all those years ago. Looking forward to catching up with folks in ’16.
Geof Taylor

grad 68 Retired from peel district school board
Gurinder Mehar

grad 68 I had the greatest time during my high school. Life couldn't have been better. Then at Univ. (UWO ) life got even better.My most memorable times were high school and university. What happen to our friends Mr. Smith (Math), the fair Mr.Maciness(English), and all that seniorgrade 12/13 staff that layed the opening foundation of Applewood's 1st and 2nd years. Hello to Don, Gayle,Rochelle, Derek, Lloyd, Barry, Mary Ellen, Bob Mc., Greg Danny, Geoff, and all the rest of the clasmates, that had that special bond. Get on the net guys! Kids are all older and hope wiser post college 1). Celine. 31 ,RN 2) PHill 28 hip hop agent for artists (and we have a grandson named Jalen)
3) Anusha 24 in field of social services.
I have also retired from my practice of medicine in Cornwall NY,USA.
Gurinder Singh Mehar (Juggie)

grad 68

 gmehar@aol.Com I am a physician in NY . I practice internal medicine. My wife is from Germany. We have three children.Celine (18) philipp (16) and anusha (11). I would love to hear from old friends and teachers. Is geoff taylor the present math teacher my old classmate ? If you guys have a reunion homecoming please let me know.
Rochelle Roy

grad 68 My grad year was last century, and the first grad year ever, 1968.  As well as the editor of the first embarrassing yearbook, the archer!
Andrea Delamere

ajdred@gmail.comLiving in Severn Bridge, Muskoka at the family homestead. Married just about 20 years to Brian McCorriston, Etobicoke boy. Proud parents of Elizabeth , 20 & Thomas, 18. Have been with Public Health in Orillia 8 years. Look forward to hearing about this 50th anniversary. Cheers!

Andreas Engel
nospam@kos.netI am now retired from both the military and civilian employment. I still live just north
of Belleville
Daniel Swail
John McGarry I'm not quite sure when I graduated from Applewood or if I ever did. It might have been '69 or '70 but I sure don't recognize any of the names from that era listed in the registry.I definitely went there for several years and as a matter of fact was a key player on a couple of championship football teams. I also attended the now infamous Evans brothers party and was one of the few to get away. I currently reside in Elkton, Maryland which is about forty minutes north of Baltimore.I own and operate a small farm on which I train a stable of race horses. I often wonder what happened to everybody. Hope to hear from someone, John.
Kathleen Megaffin (Liddard) When I was 21 I got married and had a son. I had another child 4 years later but the marriage did not work out. I went on to become a Registered Practical Nurse and worked as a nurse for about 10 years. I remarried and my husband and I now own a construction company that primarily does renovations. I have a grand child and one on the way. I have been looking for my very good friend, Debbie Pinder, for years.
Kathy Caravaggio ne Cocker After finishing high school I worked for the TD bank for 10 years. I also studied Business Marketing. I have 3 daughters. 2 in University & 1 in grade 10. I presently run a professional cake decorating business. I've travelled to many parts of the world & enjoying life.


Present Students grads from the New Millenium, Nineties, Eighties,and Sixties and Seventies

Made by Charles Rawlings, Applewood Science Dept. Resident Physics Enthusiast 1975-2008!!